The Show That Transcends Reality

Rhondavision has been entertaining the people of our worlds for more than 10 years with RHONDAVISION – THE SHOW THAT TRANSCENDS REALITY! Created on a platform of pure Improv, Free-Flowing Comedy, and Performance Art, RHONDAVISION takes you on an incredible, cult-ish journey of laughter and bewilderment! 

Now in its 2nd Season (after a 8 year hiatus), the word is spreading globally about Rhondavision. Critics are hailing Rhondavision as the next generation of must-see-revolutionary-surreal-TV. There can be no mistake that something rewarding has finally made it back to television.

TV Guise raves, “Rhondavision has a deep message that resonates like a gong…”and Reader’s Digestion implores people to “watch, listen, learn, and laugh your butt off…Rhondavision delivers a one-woman act that surpasses the competition…” while Bowling Stones adds that “Rhondavision is a multi-layered, comedically brilliant show that can be enjoyed by viewers of all intellectual levels…


“Visually…Rhonda Vision is captivating. No matter what character she dives into; alluring and sexy, or chaotic and zany, she is classically beautiful. She is a chameleon, and has that ‘thing’…that amazing ability to put herself and her Life experience in her Art, which makes it honest, raw and relatable. Part of the essence of Comedy. I have SO many favorite segments, and I could watch them over and over, as entertained as I was the first time, and feel uplifted in her willingness to be so thoroughly entertaining. THANK you, Rhonda !!!!” ~ Jon Perry

“Rhondavision always surprises, entertains and makes me laugh. She has a unique vision! Always fascinating. You are so special!” Judy Levitow

“Have Your Tea For The DAY ? Creative Juices Flowing ? RHONDA, RONDAVISION IS THE MOST ENTERTAINING & CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHATS NEXT CLIPS – ( SUBJECTS ) IF People Can’t Relate – They’re In A Coma Or GONE” ~ Gary Miller

“After stumbling upon the Rhondavision site, I was left to wonder, why have I not seen this woman before?? Such a unique style… fresh, zany, laugh inspiring… What a gem! Not to be missed! Prime time is missing something and this is it! Rhondavision has such a crazy, good hearted spirit that comes thru in all that she does. I totally relate to her… The world can be a heavy place sometimes,

Rhondavision is one of the special people that can single-handedly grab our attention and keep us laughing and smiling! She is truly one of a kind! I cant wait for more!! ” ~ Chris Murphy

“I sense from witnessing your art, that while the bright color applications depict vibrate energy of the excitement and beauty in your soul, there exists a darkness which surrounds the essence of your work. Having said that, there is great depth in your journey of expression that will connect with other hopeless romantics surrounded in darkness. Do not change, consider adding brightness now and then to your usually darkened areas and your work will let light into your ROMANTIC SOUL and the soul of others who view their essence as a result of your art.I, myself connected with the boat rowing journey and felt great comfort in it’s expression and what it brought forward from my core. To art, damn everything else.” ~ Svengali

“Tonight like most nights i was flipping through the TV channels and thinking to myself, “man there is nothing on worth two pounds of pigeon shit on this worthless box.” then i said “god, give me something to watch that isn’t crap.” and i swear that the lights got dim in my room……..and i heard a voice say “change the channel.” then like an answer to my prayer…. i found rhonda vision….. thinking to myself “what is this.it seems to be a revolutionary television show” so i watched and i am now in love with RhondaVision……..Thank you for giving me something to watch that i actually enjoy……. A new biggest fan ~ Erick

Hotter than a burning fire!
Tastier than a tart!
Ripened to perfection like a sun-dried tomato!
Angel of my heart!
Wandering with precision!
Like a ball of nuclear fission!
It’s Rhondavision
Elusive Queen of Performance Art!
~ Count Smokula

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