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Full Episodes of Season 1 and 2


Rhondavision – Season 2 Finale – Episode 9 – Released – 5/5/17
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Season Finale – Episode 9 – Go Home

With all the mishaps, mistakes and misfires during the filming of Season 2, Rhondavision goes on the search of “why me?”. Will she get the answers she deserves?

Rhondavision – Season 2

Episode 1 – No Cake for You!

After 8 years on hiatus, Rhondavision has teamed up with her old cameraman, Johnny G, to film the long-awaited Season 2 of this improv cult-classic. In this 1st episode, hop in the car with your hostess Rhondavision, while you go shopping for special ingredients for her magic cake recipe that will leave you drooling for more. It doesn’t stop there! Antics and smantics galore! Sing along during musical therapy. Intellectualize with Rhondavision during the conspiracy theory “Sky is Fallin'” portion of the show. MUST hear Vitamin D tip.

Episode 3 – Get a Job!

All is back to abnormality again on Rhondavision – The Show that Continues to Transcend Reality! This month’s episode brings up a new predicament. Now that Rhondavision is being paid for her work as the actress on her own show, where will the money come from? Better check the weather forecast because there is a storm a-brewin’!

Episode 5 – Feeling Viral Because of the Weather

After last episode’s debut Weather Girl performance, Rhondavision gets some upsetting news from the station’s general manager. Plus, she goes through a vigorous training with her other side job at Fone Buddeez. Will it be a sunny day in Rhondavision world, or will the thunderbolt strike again? Watch this fun, improv, one-woman show extravaganza to find out!!!!

Episode 7 – Don’t Get Cocky with Me!!! Part 2 of 2

Rhondavision – Dilemas, Dilemas, Dilemas. Her Fone Buddeez job just threw her a curb-ball and Rooster reaches out to Rhondavion. Part 2 of a 2 part series.

Episode 2 – Hugs without Kisses

After last episode’s dramatic cliffhanger, Rhondavision has made a huge decision involving the future of Rhondavision. It’s a sad day for both the cameraman and the Rhondavision fans around the world. Or is it?

Episode 4 – Weather, You Like It or Not

Last episode’s cliffhanger left us wondering, “did Rhondavision get the job as Weather Girl on the local TV station?”
Answers lie within this episode. Grab your umbrellas and watch!

Episode 6 – Don’t Get Cocky with Me!!!

Rhondavision starts her Fone Buddeez job. Plus, the boxing gloves come out as Rhondavision meets her new nemesis. Part 1 of a 2 part series.

Episode 8 – Mic Drop

Rhondavision invests her hard-earned $$ from her 2 failed jobs on a new boom mic. Sadly, “someone” forgot to tell the cameraman that it WASN’T wireless. Oh boy…

Rhondavision – Season 1

Episode 1 – RhondaVision’s RhondaMentary

A camera crew follows RhondaVision around for the day recording hilarious footage of RhondaVision’s J-date experience, mom’s interview, the channeling chamber. This is episode 1 of the 1st season of RhondaVision – the show that transcends reality.

Episode 3 – Do-It-Yourself-Filming Show Hostess

Without the cameraman, the show must go on. But with no one to take over, the brave and fearless RhondaVision takes on the task of hostess and camerachick. Enjoy this comic, improv variety show! Sea-sickness meds not included.

Episode 5 – Comedy Club Auditions That Make You Go Ha Ha

RhondaVision goes on an stand-up comedy audition at the HaHa Room in Buttonwillow, CA – equivalent to Los Angeles’ Laugh Factory. Being the headliner there is what she’s trying out for and the competition is tough!!! As always, RhondaVision makes it through with flying tomatoes, errr, flying colors. We think.

Episode 7 – Going on a Date, Hope I’m not Late!

Rhondavision visits the Desperaté Dating Service and gets a call for a date! Share in this life-changing experience with our very dateable Rhondavision.

Episode 9 – All Quacked Up, Looking for Dr. Right

Rhondavision with all her head trips, fears, and old patterns reaches out to different therapists for help. And with the right prescription of life, all will be good again! Watch and enjoy this process because you are not alone!!!

Episode 2 – The Stalking Cameraman

Rhondavision’s cameraman steps over the line when he wants to film Rhondavision on his terms. Does Rhondavision take action or does she fall under the cameraman’s spell?

Episode 4 – Worst Ever Cameraman Auditions!

RhondaVision fired her cameraman and is now hiring. These cameraman tryout auditions can not get any worse!!! Will RhondaVision proceed with her show without a cameraman and film it herself (see self-filming disaster in episode 3) or will she have to hire one of these specimens of cameramen? Only by watching this episode will you know!

Episode 6 – Grand Central Comedy at the Ha Ha Room

Stellar Stand-up Comedienne Rhondavision is the opening act at the Ha Ha Room in Buttonwillow California. Headliner material for surrreeeee.

Episode 8 – A.D.D. TV Segment – Rhondavision FULL shorter A.D.D.

Due to self-prescribed A.D.D. diagnosis, Rhondavision makes us laugh through her adventures with stuff, doing stuff and talking about stuff. Or something like that. If we can remember correctly. What was I writing?

Special Episode – Playback’s a Bitch

The cameraman/editor of the RhondaVision show has HAD IT with editing! So he’s made the process simple for this episode – one take using one camera. This leads to one crazy outcome with a wacky cast trying to work together to find order in this chaos. As with all that is RhondaVision, this show will transcend your reality!

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