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9602.0 9603.0 The International STAR TREK Fan Association, Inc.

STARFLEET is the fan organization with something for everyone. Members the world over are united in appreciation of the human adventure of STAR TREK. Hundreds of chapters spread around the planet link members into local fandom and the central organization.

Annual membership in STARFLEET begins with a package containing a membership card, membership certificate, handbook, memo pad, and a listing of chapters throughout the world, including the one nearest you! The membership handbook will introduce you to STARFLEET’s unique infrastructure that offers two membership options. One allows you to be an Associate Member with no obligation other than receiving membership materials and magazines. The other option provides a more futuristic atmosphere for those fans intrigued by the fleet structure within the STARTREK universe. After receiving the membership package, a new member will have the opportunity to sign aboard the starship (chapter) of their choice, hold a fictional rank and position and take part in the chapter’s STAR TREK related activities and community service projects.

Another element of your STARFLEET membership is your subscription to six issues of the Communiqué, our bi-monthly magazine. The Communiqué contains current information on STARFLEET operations and chapter activities, list of upcoming conventions, news and information on STAR TREK media and articles on the space To Join STARFLEET, simply complete this form program in related areas. and mail it with your check or Money Order (in U.S. funds payable to STARFLEET) to: STARFLEET Please assign me Starship Duty with: P.O. BOX 24053 Belleville, IL 62223-4052 NCC-______

Vessel Name Retain a copy of your cancelled check of Money

Order receipt for your records. In 2-4 weeks I prefer to choose my you will receive your membership package and the chapter at a later time adventure will begin. Welcome aboard! SFIAPP: 9601.1

NEW MEMBER Individual: $15.00 Additional Household Members RENEWAL:SCC-______Household of Two: $22.00 Above ten: $2.00 each House hold of Three to Ten: $25.00 Canada and Mexico add $1.00 to U.S. rates All other foreign countries add $5.00 to U.S. rates

NAME: ______DATE OF BIRTH:______/______/______


CITY: ______STATE/PROVINCE: ______


This are for Additional Names SCC# (Renewals) Date of Birth additional household ______/_____/_____ Information only, ______/_____/_____ (Attach additional ______/_____/_____ sheet if necessary) ______/_____/______/_____/_____

I want to donate $1.00 to the STARFLEET Scholarship Fund for: I want to donate $1.00

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: Total donations enclosed $______FEBRUARY - MARCH 1996


Fleet Admiral Dan McGinnis P.O. Box24052 Belleville, IL 6223-4052 STARFLEET E-mail: “[emailprotected]” The international Vice Commander, STARFLEET Chief of Operations Adm. Deborah Maestu Adm. Cindy Krell Star trek fan 612 16th Street, #6 P.O. Box 11686 Miami Beach, FL 33139 Memphis, TN 38111-0686 association Email: Not Available at this time E-mall: "[emailprotected]" Annual membership fee for Chief of Communications Commandant, STARFLEET Academy STARFLEET is $15.00 USA VAdm. Douglas Glenn FCapt. Bjo Trimble ($16.00 - Canada & Mexico: P.O. Box 836 PO Box 6499 St. Charles, MO 63302-0836 Kingwood, TX 77325-6499 $20.00 elsewhere). To join, send check or money order Email: "[emailprotected]" E-mail: "[emailprotected]” to: Chief of Shuttle Operations Chief of Computer Operations STARFLEET Comm. Linda Reynolds FCapt Wayne Cavalier P.O. Box 24053 P.O. Box 23321 P.O. Box 24052 RIchfield, MN 55423 Belleville, IL 62223-4052 Belleville, IL 62223-4052 Email: "[emailprotected]" E-mail: "[emailprotected]"

Chief of Staff, CS Vice Chief of Communications STARFLEET Rear Admiral David Miller, MD. Captain Kristine Harah 36 Four Seasons, Suite 299 4530 Hwy A COMMUNIQUE Chesterfield, M0 63017 Warrenton, MO 63383

Established 1974 Dean of STARFLEET Academy Subspace Communications Captain Helen Pawlowski Fleet Captain Bill Herrmann 6948 Idaho Ave. 9908 Berrywood Drive Editor-in-Chief St. Louis, MO 63111-3028 Ladson, SC 29456 VAdm.. Douglas Glenn Senior Editor: Asst. Dean of the Academy Dept. of Technical Services Capt. Kris Harah Captain Sherry Newell Captain Michael Cowart 5 NW 40th 1007 North Federal Hiway, Suite #224 Editor: Lawton, OK 73505 Ft Lauderdale, FL 33304 Capt. Catherine Kerr Associate Editors: Dir., International Affairs Dir, Intl. Conf. Committee RAdm. Chris Wallace Captain Paul M Reid RAdm. Mike Henigan 1050 Beverly Place 6104 Labama Rd. Cmdr. Ed Kiker Victoria, BC, Canada V8S 3Z8 Mableton, GA 30059 MCPO Mike Wilkerson Typesetting Departmental Resource Center Commandant of Marines Capt. Kris Harah Comm. Sharon K Stewart Maj. Gen, Loujaye McPhereson 5847 Pauma Court 1821 Edwards Way Proofreading Sarasota, FL 34232-5939 Pittsburgh, PA 15203 Anyone within reach

STARFLEET Communiqué submission Guidelines

? Submissions for Communiqué issue #74 should be received at this office by February 20, 1996. ? Submissions for Communiqué Issue #75 should be received at this office by April 20, 1996. Issue 73 ? Submissions may be made by hardcopy disk or E- mail. ? Disk submissions may be in any format, MAC or PC (specify format and software on disk). Disk February ‘96 / March ‘96 submissions should be accompanied by a hardcopy, just in case. Note: ASCII text files can be read by both MAC and PCs. ? E- mail submissions should be sent to Kris Harsh at "[emailprotected]" ? Please include your SCC#, address, and ship name. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for length and clarity. Contents © 1996 by STARFLEET Unless otherwise specified The STARFLEET Communiqué is the bimonthly magazine of STARFLEET - The International Star Trek Fan Association Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star All Rights Reserved Trek: Voyager are trademarks of Paramount Pictures Corporation, a division of Paramount Communications, all rights reserved. The STARFLEET Communiqué makes no Intent to infringe on or to profit from copyrights or trademarks held by Paramount Pictures Corporation or Its licensees. This STARFLEET Communiqué publication and organization is a nonprofit nature. Is printed in the USA on All opinions expressed within are those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily reflect the 25% post consumer waste stock by official position of STARFLEET International, the Communiqué, or the editorial staff. American Speedy Printers Address corrections and charges should be sent to: Chief of Computer Operations, P.O. Box 24052, Fairview Heights, IL Belleville, IL 62223-4052. DO NOT send corrections to the Communiqué. Please include your current SCC#. Letters of comment, advertisem*nts and articles should be sent to the Communiqué office at: P.O. Box 838, St. Charles, MO 63302-0836. Unsolicited submissions become the property of STARFLEET and are © 1995 STARFLEET, all rights reserved. Permission is granted for member chapters to reprint any portion of this magazine for their own newsletters. Fleet Admiral Dan McGinnis, Commander, STARFLEET

Greetings to everyone from program that will give Region Coordinators and Commanding Officers STARFLEET Headquarters! I unprecedented access to the membership data via electronic hope that 1996 has been a safe communications. After an initial registration sign on, the COs and RCs and healthy new year for all will be able to access their chapter/region information and see when a across this great association! packet was generated, when CQ labels were printed and if the member is The entire HQ staff has been renewed/expired. In fact, they will see all the information that Computer very busy over the past few Operations has access to about their respective chapter/region. Watch for weeks and through the more information on this exciting new program soon. Christmas holidays addressing Over the past few weeks, Deborah Maestu and I have been working the multitude of membership very closely with Commander Molly Baxter, the Fleet Treasurer, to bring applications that continue to 1995 financial records to a close. We are pleased to announce the show great growth in this prep aration and completion of the 1995 Financial Report of the Fleet. This association. We hope that the report has been provided to each Admiralty Board member and is Communiqué and membership available for purchase by any Fleet member for $5.00 (to cover packet challenges have been printing/postage). Please send your checks (payable to STARFLEET) and addressed and want to thank all requests to Molly Baxter in care of Headquarters. those who have assisted us in As STARFLEET continues to exceed 8,600 members we must all identifying those members who realize that many areas of the Fleet may continue to need revamping to have not been receiving materials due to wrong addresses. I cannot assure that our members are serviced in a manner favorable to their stress enough the importance of informing Computer Operations as soon wishes. Working together, we all can create an association that is worthy as you know a new address for a member. STARFLEET cannot continue of everyone's membership. I want to encourage those with ideas and to replace Communiqués and membership packets that are sent to bad helpful suggestions to send them to Headquarters. 1995 was a year of addresses because no one has informed us of a change of address. great challenge for many of STARFLEET’s leaders and 1996 is going to be This past January brought about the announcement of the Pre- a year of tremendous progress by this association. I'm confident that Assignment Membership Program through Computer Operations. Now, STARFLEET is fiscally sound and, perhaps even more importantly, that chapters are able to purchase up to five (5) membership packets the members are proud of this association and the objectives it pursues. (complete with SCC#s) to keep on hand for recruiting purposes. This is As always, I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging ideas that an exciting new program and has already been very warmly received will continue to improve this association. I look forward to meeting many throughout many regions of the Fleet. of you at the various conferences and summits that I am scheduled to The STARFLEET News Service is yet another enhancement to serving attend this year. Have a great year and Keep on Trekkin'! the members. Computer Operations will be announcing shortly a new

Admiral Deborah Maestu, Vice-Commander, STARFLEET Federation Fables: The Story of Chuck N. Lidle Penne was stunned. "I will immediately make On stardate 2405.13, Ens Chuck N. Lidle, of the starship USS arrangements to avert disaster. Barnyard, was spending a pleasant shore leave on his home planet, Kaos. You are to be commended for He was relaxing in the back yard when suddenly he was struck on the bringing this to my attention. We head by an unidentified flying object. He was violently knocked to the will be in touch." The ground and nearly rendered unconscious (or so he reported later in the Commander's face was day). replaced by the Federation flag. "Oh my stars and garters!" exclaimed Ens. Lidle. "The sky is falling-- The Ensign signed off, and what shall we do?" while waiting for further He took off at a dead run for his com panel and contacted his immediate instructions, began contacting his superior (following chain of command, of course) Commander Henry crewmates, friends, family and Penne. other sundry acquaintances. "Commander Penne, Commander Penne, the sky is falling! We must After all, he wanted as many evacuate the planet! We must sound the alert!" people as possible to be Commander Penne, trying to exhibit a calmer demeanor, inquired as to prepared for the end of the world. the evidence of this event. Meanwhile, Commander Ens. Lidle described the events of the morning, ending with a Penne continued up the ladder of description of the chunk of sky which hit him on the head. Commander command to Captain Duckie Luckie, eventually reaching FAdm. Foxie Loxie. Each person contacted their two friends, who in turn contacted their two friends and so on and so About: the Cover forth until the entire Fleet was on alert, awaiting the approach of various quantum singularities, Encounter at Algorab neutrino strings, Dyson spheres and

STARFLEET officers puzzle over the discovery of a small spacecraft on a planet in the Algorab all the other events which were system. Starships Czar'ak, Oklahoma, Locksley, Vanguard and Umiak were diverted to this world expected to impact in several star systems, causing wide spread by an emergency signal. Now the crews ponder the signal's origin and meaning. death and destruction. Ens. Lidle took a break from his Special Thanks to SPACECRAFT RV and Campground in Concordia, Missouri com panel towards evening and

-Continued on page 03

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 01 Admiral Cindy Krell Chief of Operations, STARFLEET

What better time than a new year to make the 1995 International Conference. If took effect changes? During the latter part of 1995' Ops on January 1, 1996, and will be assessed via saw a decline in productivity and efficiency due invoice from the office of the STARFLEET to numerous staff member illnesses and Treasurer (Molly Baxter). This fee is intended interference from mundania (real life). Our goal to offset the administrative costs involved in has always been to serve STARFLEET to the servicing the *chapters* of STARFLEET. best of our ability' but we don't feel we've been Membership fees pay for the CO and doing a satisfactory job the past few months. membership materials. However' up until We're not at all happy with the way things have now, Vessel Registry updates, chapter been going' so we've decided to do a bit of membership roster listings, Command Status internal reevaluation and reorganization. Reports (CSR), and other correspondence One of the biggest changes will be the addition between HQ and the chapters has not been of a second Vice Chief (VCOS2) who will be funded. Basically, we've been "borrowing from able to devote more attention to specific Peter to pay Paul." In other words' the average programs which we feel we have neglected or member has been footing the bill for *chapter* failed to serve adequately. The VCOS2 will services, even if he or she is not affiliated with a oversee the Department of Correspondence chapter! In the past, some of these expenses Chapter Operations and Collegiate Services, had been marginally subsidized by sales of working closely with the Directors of each of STARFLEET merchandise through the these services. Most Importantly, the VCOS2 Quartermaster's office. The minimal revenues will undertake the task of completing the generated by that program are not anywhere Operations Manual begun by former Chief of near enough, however. As the Fleet Treasurer Operations, J.D. Knight. will quickly confirm, even the $12.00 Charter Status Report which was mailed to all chapter Other minor changes will occur back at Renewal Fee will not generate enough funds to COs. Yes, chapters have left, for various OpsHQ where we have been working on ways fully compensate for the services being reasons. Similarly, numerous chapters have to improve our performance and speed up our provided to the chapters. Again, there are been commissioned and ShOC has been busy response time. Right now, one of the most selected chapters and chapter COs who have launching new Shuttles by the dozens. We are time-consuming tasks is data entry. The good decided that they can stage some sort of always saddened to see a chapter news is, more chapters are reporting now, than political protest by not paying the Charter decommissioned, for whatever reason, but this at any time in the preceding year. However, the Renewal Fee. We'd like to point out that non- is nothing new. It is a fact of life In STARFLEET bad news is that many of these chapters are not payment of the fee does not hurt the Fleet that chapters will fold due to low membership using the Monthly Status Report form or similar Admiral or the administration. It hurts numbers, disband due to lack of interest or format. In fact, quite a few of the "reports" we STARFLEET. Chapters have come to expect leadership problems, withdraw for "political" receive do not contain the necessary reasons, decide to go "independent", or go into information, or the reporting officer scatters the "mothballs" until they can be reorganized and information throughout a letter-style "On behalf of our entire revitalized. Some of these chapters may commentary, causing our staff members to staff, we'd like to decide to come back, and we've already waste valuable time looking for the statistics recommissioned several chapters through the which should be in ALL chapter reports. Things *sincerely* thank all the Existing Fan Club Program. like: chapter name, NCC#, region, chapter Speaking of commissionings, we'd like to address, names and addresses (and phone chapters... [using] the welcome the following new chapters to our numbers) for the CO and XO, dates of the last ranks. These chapters have successfully meeting and next meeting, number of Monthly Status Report completed their tour of duty with Shuttle STARFLEET crew members, chapter Operations Command or the EFC Program and newsletter and date of last publication, city of form... mak[ing] our jobs have been assigned permanent duty as full charter, etc. Several officers who have been "starships of the line." contacted by us about this problem have begun a little easier using either the MSR form *or* have begun USS Gemini Dream, NCC-64739 (R12) including the information in text form. (Bless certain services, such as the CSR, Vessel Nebula Class Explorer you!!) Oddly enough, a few misguided Registry updates, chapter rosters, etc.,and they Captain Candie Arnold, Mountain Home, AR chapter COs and/or reporting officers seem to complain quite loudly when these services are consider the failure to provide accurate chapter not provided. What few people seem to realize, USS O'Bannon, NCC-5372 (R15) information (as requested on the MSR form) as however, is that these services are *not* The Sullivan's Class Tactical Frigate some sort of political protest. What these required of STARFLEET. There is nothing in Captain Anthony Bonti, Sanford, ME individuals don't seem to understand, or the Fleet constitution which obligates Fleet to appreciate, is that the only people who are provide these services, much less provide them USS Harry Benjamin, NCC-30285 (R4) affected or inconvenienced In any way by this free of charge. If the membership and chapters Transition Class Explorer type of "protest" are the hard-working were to set politics aside and consider the Captain Jennifer Freeman, San Francisco, CA *volunteers* who staff the Operations business aspects of Fleet, we feel they would department! On behalf of our entire staff' we'd soon realize that the fee is not only necessary, like to *sincerely* thank all the chapters which but long overdue. Further, by accepting the fees USS Pioneer, NCC-5280D (R17) have been considerate enough to use the MSR from the chapters, Fleet will be obligating itself Intrepid Class form and, thereby' make our jobs a little easier. to provide certain administrative services, just Captain Dennis Gray, Denver, CO If there are any COs or chapter reporting as it is currently obligated to provide Issues of officers who need copies of the MSR form' or the Communiqué and membership materials USS Edward D. Mitchell, NCC-72016 (R 1) need more information on the proper reporting because those services have been bought and Nebula Class Explorer format, we would *greatly* appreciate hearing paid for by the individual members. Captain D.K. "Keith" Brinegar, Lexington, NC from them! Another subject which generates a great deal We have been receiving numerous requests of mail is the rumor that "half" of the chapters for Information on the Charter Renewal Fee. have withdrawn from STARFLEET due to USS Rutledge, NCC-57295A (R 1) Chapter COs and RCs will find more "political" reasons. This is simply not true! For Intrepid Class Information on this subject in the Command an accurate listing of chapters which have been Captain Bill Herrmann, Ladson, SC Status Report from SFHQ. Briefly' the $12.00 decommissioned' and the reasons for their fee was approved by Admiralty Board vote at decommissioning, please see the Command -Continued on page 04

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 02 Channels Open! STARFLEET Communications Vice Admiral Douglas Glenn Chief of Communications, STARFLEET

suffering from cancer. In Memorium Secondly, both Kim Pendzinski and Sari Graber of New Jersey recently passed away. The first quarter of this year has been Kim and Sari were recipients of the charity kinds rough on Fleet. It seems we've lost efforts of USS Thagard's Trek Lifeline for heart/lung transplants. Thagard raised over more than our share of fellow members, Photo by Shirley Schaaf close friends, and relatives. On top of the $2500 for Kim, who received a transplant difficulty of such losses we've just faced approximately four years ago, according to re-enactments to charity work. It was the 10th anniversary of two of the biggest Thagard XO, Cmdr. Pam Rogers. Sari, for through a charity project that I feel I best came to know him. Tom was heavily tragedies of recent times, the Challenger whom Thagard raised $750, was still waiting for her operation when she passed away involved in putting together a Bowl-A-Thon disaster and the fire that killed the first to raise money to purchase playground Apollo crew. without warning. equipment for a Children's Home. I'm forgoing my usual column to devote That Bowl-A-Then has become an annual the space to acknowledgements and Fleet 7 newsletter event for St. Louis fandom and I'm sure it expressions of some of those recent losses. will continue now in Tom's memory. Our hearts go out to each of you * * * We will greatly miss the enthusiasm and experiencing such a time. energy with which Tom approached * * * Sadly, we report that the USS Umiak has everything. And although Engineering will It is with deep regret that Region 7 suffered the loss of her Chief Engineer, always seem somewhat empty in his Command notifies you of the following Tom Peters to cancer just before Christmas. absence, we appreciate the time we were passages of life that have affected members Tom was part of a "gang of four" Umiak allowed to share with him. of Region 7. members whose birthdays were all within a Firstly, Norma T. Paradis, the mother of six week period during 1960. VAdm. Doug Glenn Shuttle Athena CO, Lisa Paradis-Berkenbilt Tom was one of the most genuinely has passed away. Lisa's mother had been friendly people I've ever known. We shared * * * a number of Interests from Trek to medieval With a heavy heart, I must announce the temporary dosing of the College of Interspecies Vice Commander Studies, due to the sudden death of Director, - continued from Page 01 Alan Deamley on January 28th, 1996. Alan was only 34 years old, and though he had a terminal strolled outside. He was surprised that the world had not yet been completely evacuated illness, he was an active member of and/or destroyed. As he walked through the yard, he tripped over something. Looking down STA R FLEET. He designed his school and was he realized it was a piece of roof tile. He looked up to the roof, down at the ground and very enthused about it, and did a great deal of suddenly impending death and destruction were overshadowed by the impending roof repair hard work on it. I can only hope that someone that he recalled being arranged. He made an immediate decision that the time had come to qualified will step into his place and continue explore his career options outside of Fleet. Alan's dream. I doubt he would have wanted the Meanwhile, the Founders quite happily were able to take complete advantage of Fleet's school to remain dosed too long. preoccupation with panic to infiltrate all levels of life in the Federation, bringing the Federation to its knees. (excerpted from a letter from Bjo Trimble) The moral of this story is: Sometimes it's not the whole sky -- sometimes it's only a roof tile. And the roof, unlike the sky, is repairable. P01 Karen Hall, a member of the USS I often reread old mail prior to boxing it up or purging the files and recently came across a Czar'ak, passed away on Friday morning, number of letters which predicted the "End of Fleet"; financial disaster, warnings of dire Jan uary 12th, after an 18-month battle with circ*mstances; loss of membership -- in other words "falling sky." This was correspondence cancer. In the summer of 1994 Karen underwent dating back over a year ago and, guess what? STARFLEET continues to do business, we a radical mastectomy and the removal of have more members than we did a year ago and more chapters than we did a year ago (yes, several lymph nodes. Her doctors were this is true -- the figures are available for everyone to check, just ask.) Yes we have lost optimistic that they had gotten all the sarcoma. some chapters and some members have moved on -- but that happens. You can't please all Last February during a routine follow-up they of the people all of the time. discovered the sarcoma had returned and was in In re-reading some of this old correspondence, I realize how often some members are so her lungs. Although the doctors told her chemo quick to complain, raise the red flag of disaster or repeat bad news, BEFORE checking the was not usually successful with this particular facts, or simply thinking about what they are saying. Sure, there are problems, you can't get sarcoma, she began the treatments. As recently through real life without problems, and as the officials elected to be in charge, it is our job to as Thanksgiving, Karen was told the chemo was make decisions, so we do. As Vice-Commander of Fleet, I have several areas of having a n effect. Then, about two weeks ago, responsibility. You would probably be surprised how few times I actually receive letters she was told it was no longer making any asking me about those areas, about problems or just for information. I do hear about progress against the cancer. After her long controversy happening on the nets regarding some of these areas; occasionally I see copies struggle, she had reached the point where she of a chapter's reports that mention problems or situations that supposedly exist in one of these couldn't continue the fight. Karen was 32. areas. But few people actually sit down and write a letter or request and include all of the Karen was a warm, generous, caring person. pertinent information. I can't answer questions I don't get asked or help situations I am not She remained cheerful and positive in her told about. outlook. We will miss her. Cards may be sent Sometimes I am called upon to make decisions. That's my job. You may not always to the USS Czar'ak at PO Box 23352, Richfield, agree with the decisions. You probably won't. I don't expect everyone to always agree with MN 55423. They will be forwarded to Karen's me, or even like me. However, at lest until January 1, 1997, it's my job to make decisions, family. popular or otherwise, based on my assessment of the situation. Does all this mean the sky is falling? No, it just means I'm working on the roof. VAdm. David Kloempken Stay tuned next issue for a tale of two chapters, the USS Ant and the USS Grasshopper. Region 6 RC, XO - USS Czar'ak, NCC-1798-A

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 03 Fleet Captain Bjo Trimble, Commandant, STARFLEET Academy

*CANADIAN CONTACT: FCapt. Pam Boyer, all this organization is about, then I 433 30th Ave. NW, Calgary, ALB T2M 2N5, have the same opinion of Canada-405-277-2237, will handle Canadian STARFLEET that I had of the US vouchers, which gives a 'local' source, so there Navy! are fewer individual money exchanges -- that gets expensive. *COMMANDANT JOB OPEN: I was recently diagnosed with *SFA BOARD OF DIRECTORS? The systemic lupus and osteoarthritis; increasing tasks of running SFA could be helped the major problem of both conditions by adding willing folk for unbiased decision- is extreme fatigue at inconvenient at making. Everyone brings their own agenda & inconvenient times, considerably (unfortunately) their own prejudices to any job, cutting my effective working hours. even a volunteer one. Maybe especially a I'm more or less OK, but prone to Photo by Ron Taylor volunteer job. Diverse viewpoints could prevent depression & must avoid this & build a stronger Academy. The final stress. (This is of absolutely no interest to some *NEW CLASSES APPROVED: Astronomy; decision would always rest with the of you, but now you know why I'm stepping Creative Writing; Leadership; Future Studies. Commandant, of course. The former down.) Non-paying volunteer activities have to They all have Directors who are getting their Commandant would always act on this board go. lesson plans worked out, and then these classes will be added to the active list. Resumes accepted to complete this term. for at least 1 year. *BJO's TRAVEL SCHEDULE *SFA REGISTRAR NEEDED: A person to Mar. 8-10: Science Fiction Con, Rochester, handle & mail out all the 1st tests for all *REMOVING SFA FROM THE EC: This will New York colleges, to save time and postage. It the be a push for me in my time remaining. SFA Mar. 1517: Neutral Zone, Newcastle, England Registrar is responsible for printing & dealing should never be a part of any political ticket! It May 25: Wedding of Jennifer Jumper & Chuck with vouchers, we cut off more mail-handling, & puts a burden on the Commandant and impedes Kuhlman, Seattle, Washington remove another job from HQ's heavy load. If SFA progress at every turn. There should be Jun. 21-23: Meridian Con, Hamburg, Germany definite term limits to the Commandants office, it's a go, then someone seriously organized is Jul. 47: Westercon, El Paso. Texas but it should be longer than two years. It's like Aug. 29-Sept 2: World Science Fiction Con, needed for the job. asking every university head to step down after Anaheim, California each US Presidential election! The Academy Nov. 6-10: Int'I Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas *NEEDED: ARCHIVIST/LIBRARIAN: A has no business being part of the election (I'll have an entry.) records/list keeper is needed to help out old and process. Two years is only enough time to get new Directors, keep duplicates of all records so started and then be frustrated by having to step Operations they are not lost between politically dissenting down. Directors. Perhaps find books, & legally copy - Continued from page 02 resource materials. Possibly even sell student *SECURITY SCHOOL DIRECTOR OPEN: The following chapters have been supplies, books, etc. if something viable could Walter Otten, head of the new Security School, Decommissioned. These chapter names and be worked out. very reluctantly must drop working with SFA, so NCC numbers will be held in reserve by DTS the school is open for a new Director. We need for a period of six months from the date of *NEW PROMOTION: I just turned down a real-world resumes, & a fannish one (activities, Decommissioning, or until released by Commodore because it is too soon after my clubs, etc.) as well as a letter on why that person agreement with Operations. Former members recent Fleet Captain promotion. If a silly title is wants to be a Director. of these chapters who wish to regroup and revive the chapter should contact Operations as soon as possible:

USS Accord, NCC-1842, Ithaca, NY STARFLEET Academy Post Graduate School USS Calypso, NCC-1891, Spokane, WA USS Courageous, NCC-1861C, Seattle, WA By Barbara M. Paul, Director USS Dawn Treader, NCC-2555, Staten Island, NY USS Delphinus, NCC-10528, Savannah, GA USS Ingram, NCC-2001, Vancouver, WA Greetings! I thought it would be good to put something in the Communiqué to let my USS Joshua, NCC-3700, Dallas, TX students, new and old, know what has been going on with this school. First off, it's a whole Nemesis Station, NCC-SS006, Bakersfield, CA new school with all new exams. There are now 23 of them. Most of them are based on a 3- USS Prometheus, NCC-3030, Kansas City, MO tier degree program with a couple standing on their own. USS Rebellious, NCC-23107, Clackamas, OR I've had to go back and redo 2 exams (Communications, Technology II and Advanced USS Royal Sovereign, NCC-2045, Orange Park, FL Command Techniques/Starfleet Operations) to compensate for a book I had been using for reference (Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology by Stan and Fred Goldstein & Rich Sternbach, Finally, a quick word about "politics." I think Copyright 1980 by Wallaby Books). Several of my students informed my that they couldn't all of us have pretty much the same goals in find this book anywhere so I'm assuming it's no longer in print and have removed it from my mind for STARFLEET, and care very much reference listing. So, any of my students who have written for either or these 2 exams, please about the organization. The only real difference drop me a line with a SASE and I'll send you the new exams at no cost or penalty. is in how those goals are achieved. Our opinions For my medical students, you'll be happy to know that the Masters and Doctorate exams for may differ, but, since we're all working towards medical have been completed and are on-line at this time. They are both in Thesis form and a common goal, we need to learn to work I'm certain you'll find the Doctorate exam a real challenge and a lot of fun. together! Setting aside differences and working I am planning on being in Oklahoma City for this year's International Conference and we are for the common good has always been an planning a panel there for the Academy. I'll be available to answer your questions and discuss underlying ideal of Star Trek. We, in new ideas and directions for the school. Anyone wishing to attend this school can receive the STARFLEET, should personify that ideal. Introductory Packet for a SASE with 2 stamps. You can write me or e-mail me at the address in the back of this issue. Here's hoping to hear more from you this year. "Being interested in anything less than everything in the universe is a betrayal of the intellect." - - Rayna Kapec

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 04 SHiUTTLE OPERATIONS COMMAND Commodore Linda Reynolds, Chief of Shuttle Operations

Happy St. Valentine's Day! Be sure to spend it with someone you love! Even though you're reading this in February (I hope!) I'm writing it at the We’ve launched three shuttles since I wrote last. And they are: beginning of the year. This prompted me to look back over my first year as your Chief of Shuttle Name Commanding Officer City of Charter Region Shuttle Operations and see just what kind of a year it's been. Archangel Jim Landelius Colcord, OK 12 We've responded to 213 calls to the ShOC Nathan James Robert M. Ingargiola Grey, TN 01 voicemail. Some of these calls simply Nexus John W. Baldwin Las Cruces, NM 12 requested that we send information or gave us information which had been requested. Many required return phone calls. I've discovered that phone calls to Fleet people inevitably last much longer than I expected. be decommissioned for various reasons: The mailed to Shuttle Operations Command at Post People always seemed to have more three we had to decommission failed to report Office Box 23321, Richfield, MN 55423-0321. questions "as long as I have you on the line". and failed to respond when notified of the Questions or requests for information can be But it's been fun chatting with folks from all problem. mailed to the post office box or sent via e-mail to over. If you have a question for us or need Just a few reminders for the start of a new "[emailprotected]" or phoned to the information sent to you, our voicemail year: Shuttles are required to report EVERY voicemail at 612-928-4291. NOTE: Do NOT e- number is 612-928-2491. You can call 24- month by the last day of the month. Your reports mail monthly status reports. hours a day. go to your mothership, your RC, your Good grief! I didn't plan to write a novel here! We didn't think to keep a total of all the mothership' s RC (if different from yours), and I look forward to talking with you, corresponding letters received. Many were requests for ShOC. Yes, ShOC does need to receive a copy with you, or meeting you at conferences and information on starting new chapters. Some of your report every month - that's how we conventions throughout the year. Have a great of these went on to begin new shuttles. know you're still out there. Reports are to be 1996! Others had questions about their shuttles or needed clarifications or information. Some just wanted to say hello or offer suggestions. You wouldn't believe the mountain of mail we've sent out! Even the postal workers get nervous when they see me coming with a ShOC Activity for 1995 briefcase full of mail. Most of our correspondence has been directly with the Region Launched Decommissioned Commissioned Current shuttles: sending information packages, sending launch packages, responding to questions on monthly status reports, etc. 01 10 03 04 09 However, we also correspond with other 02 06 02 03 07 departments in the Fleet. Since monthly 03 08 01 03 08 reports are not routinely sent to CompOps, the Academy, etc., we forward your 04 02 02 01 02 questions to the appropriate parties. We also 05 02 00 01 03 communicate with Operations when we send shuttle files up for commissioning. We let 06 02 00 01 02 CompOps and the Communiqué know when 07 06 02 02 08 new shuttles are launched or, sadly, when a group is decommissioned. 09 00 00 00 00 Somewhere on this page you should find a 10 01 00 01 01 table of activity at ShOC since the beginning of our administration. I apologize for not 11 00 00 00 00 thinking to count the shuttles we started with 12 11 01 11 11 at the beginning. You can see from the table that we've been pretty busy launching on 13 00 00 00 00 average a shuttle a week. Now if you had 14 01 00 00 01 really launched one a week, it would have 15 02 03 01 01 been nice. In one week in March we launched five shuttles and sent eight files to 16 00 00 00 00 Operations for commissioning. Most of the 17 02 00 01 01 time things were more evenly paced. Totals Notes about the table: As you can see the leaders in the shuttle launch area are regions 53 14 02 09 54 12 and 1. Most regions launched at least one Correspondence new group this year. You'll see that 14 (Included above) 15 01 01 03 shuttles were decommissioned this past year. We hate to see anybody go, but with only three exceptions these groups asked to


Fleet Captain Wayne Cavalier, Chief of Computer Operations, STARFLEET

A few staffing changes have taken place at CompOps, first Theresa Weibrecht has resigned as the Vice Chief of Computer Operations. We wish her luck in her future ventures. Joining CompOps as the two new Vice Chiefs of Computer Operations are, on the West Coast, Barry Basselgia from San Diego, CA and on the East Coast, Paul Dyl from Ft. Bragg, NC. With these two new appointments follows many new changes to how CompOps will service the membership. I will let you know more as the details develop. Remember, as I've stated in previous COs, address changes need to be sent to Computer Operations, not to Communications. We maintain the database and- produce the address labels for the Communiqué. Sending address changes to Communications will only result in delays as they have to forward them to this office.

STARFLEET Shuttle Shiloh selected as first "Adopt-a-Monument" participants at Shiloh National Military Park

By Commander Jeffery Higdon, CO, & Lieutenant Commander Karen Higdon, XO, Shuttlecraft Shiloh

In creating one of the newest in the by the National Park Service is to allow public Tennessee River, when elements of shuttlecraft program, the crew of the Shuttle oriented organizations and individuals to help Confederate General Albert S. Johnston's Army Shiloh, NCC-1881 /4, of Henderson, Tennes- support the park in a direct manner. The NPS of Mississippi attacked. Grant was waiting for see, expected to be busy with "Star Trek", has had this program set up at other parks and reinforcements from General J.D. Beuel's Army STARFLEET, Region 1 and community service monument sites and Shiloh NMP is just starting of the Ohio and a detachment under General Lew activities. But busy is not the word for what they their program. Wallace to join them in order to attack the are undertaking... down right exciting maybe the Shiloh NMP was the first Civil War Battle site strategic railroad city of Corinth, Mississippi correct phrase. established as a park to honor those who fought when the confederates launched the surprise In a historic move Shiloh National Military and died during the Battle of Shiloh, or Pickwick attack. Park and Cemetery has informed the crew it Landing, which took place April 6-7,1863. Union On the first day the Confederates drove the has granted its STARFLEET namesake the General Ulysses S. Grant's Army of the Federals back, but daring Union stands at the honor to be the first organization to take part in Tennessee was encamped around a small Sunken Road and the Hornet's Nest allowed the "Adopt-a-Monument" program. This move church called Shiloh Methodist, near the Grant to organize a defensive line that was still in place as the first day closed. But earlier in the day General Johnston was mortally wounded Left: U.S. Infantry and bled to death after he had sent his personal Monument physician to care for some wounded Union prisoners. Right: General P.G.T. Beauregard took command "Putnam and, confident in victory, decided to wait until the Stump" 14th Wisconsin morning to drive the Federals into the Tennessee River. But during the night both Beuel's army and Wallace's detachment arrived. These reinforcements along with shelling from Union gunboats USS Lexington

and USS Tyler assured a Union victory the next day. When all seemed lost for the Confederates, General Beauregard retreated to Corinth to await the impending Union attack. This attack was delayed by several months due to this battle.

Photos by More Americans died at the Battle of Shiloh, Ranger Brian up to that point of the Civil War, than all the other Keith battles in all the previous wars America fought McCulchen

Continued on page 17


Unless requested otherwise, any Communication Buoy communications with the Communiqué staff, either by mail, electronic means INCOMING (public or private), notes passed in the hall, or tied to rocks thrown through our window may be considered for publication in these pages. We reserve the right to HiAILS edit submissions for length, clarity, and propriety (please try to avoid vulgarity).

Mail and messages to STARFLEET Jackill's Ships of the Fleet, Vol. 3

Dear CQ, is helping to maintain STARFLEET's integrity as Status Report in which I state that my Chapter an organization and providing an interesting will not pay this fee until the Newsletters begin Happy New Year! I haven't received my newsletter for the membership. coming again. After all, as I state in my report, I latest copy of the Communiqué yet, but I'm I appreciate your effort in developing an article see no reason to pay ADDITIONAL money to sending off this material for use in the next featuring the positive activities of the USS STARFLEET when the basic services that we issue. I hope my previous packages were of Justice. You do good service to your crew in paid for with our membership fees are going help to you. I'll probably send you more showing them off to the whole organization. I'm unfulfilled. material later in the month and I’m sure Captain not here to deny your article for not leading our I received my first issue of the Communiqué Hatriono Sastrowardoyo mailed you some cheering section. in about 6 months just yesterday and am grateful submissions as well. After printing a Fleet Focus or Beam article, I to see this service restored. I feel that it is the I'm hoping this year is less controversial than sometimes receive a letter from someone telling best fan-produced news magazine (I can't see last year. I think your office gets some me why this group or individual is not worthy of calling something this large-scale a news unwarranted heat. I've been enjoying your photo such recognition. Justice was no exception. "letter") in existence. I can also say that I can covers (although I'm not sure I'll be saying that Rarely can anyone accomplish anything and certainly understand the intrusions that "real-life" if any photos of my act in the Region 7 USO avoid bumping heads or bruising some feelings. makes, often at the most inopportune times. Show end up there - ha ha!) If I can be of any Whether letters such as these have a HOWEVER... when one is responsible for such help, don't hesitate to call or write me. legitimate complaint or just have an axe to grind, an important service to so many people, 5 it doesn't diminish the good works you have months of silence is NOT the way to deal with it. Take Care & once again, Happy New Year! accomplished. The important thing is to keep Had you simply sent out a post card to the Commodore Bob Vosseller your perspective and realize there really is more Chapter CO's (cheaper than sending something Commander 7th Fleet than one side to any story. My congratulations to to the entire membership) we could have at least USS Justice and keep up the good work -ed calmed the concerns of our crews instead of Bob, having to simply shrug our shoulders and say Dear CQ, "Gee, I don't know what's going on." It is my We're glad you've enjoyed the covers, we've sincere hope that whatever problems you had had fun putting them together. The ones we I am writing to you because I am a little are now rectified, and that you will not have need enjoy the most are the ones that come in from confused as I have tried in vane to contact the of my suggestion, but there it is anyway, should other chapters, rather than us staging them Commandant of STARFLEET Marines on the you have need of it. ourselves. possibility of joining and perhaps starting a unit. On a higher, lighter note, I am happy to submit I've been wanting to thank you for the I wrote to the address I was given and sent a to you an article focusing on our Chapter, the contribution of articles and photos you've been SASE, but as of today I have not received a reply USS Joan of Arc. As you may remember, we sending in on a regular basis. I really yea or nay to my request. were named Chapter of the Year at the appreciate receiving the material and you are Also, I have tried to contact the Captain of the International Conference, and we thought that the doing a great service for your Region in sharing Dragonstar in Waxahachie, Texas to see if I rest of the membership would like to know a these activities with the rest of the Fleet. We've could join their ship. Anyone who can help me little about us. Please feel free to publish it at been trying to include at least one of these in contact either of the above parties would have your convenience. If you have any questions or each issue. my grateful thanks. I would like to hear from need more information, please feel free to Between your articles, Hartriono's, and anyone in the STARFLEET Marines about contact me. occasional others, Region 7 has been a joining a unit or starting one up. I would also like wonderful source of CO material. I look to hear from any member of the USS Leading the Vision, forward to your next batch. -ed Dragonstar- I am still interested in your ship! Capt. James R. Van Cleave CO, Has anyone heard anything on the next Star USS Joan of Arc P.S. I hope you finally received your CQ! Trek movie? 1994 Chapter of the Year

Dear CQ, Thanks much, PS: True to what is stated in my report, I will be Tommy L. Holman contacting Adm. Cindy Krell to make On behalf of the USS Justice I would like to 618 Corsicans Hwy arrangements to pay the Chapter Renewal Fee thank you for printing the article about us in the Hillsboro, Texas 76645 now that the Communiqué has resumed STARFLEET Focus column of the service. August/September issue. We were not sure if Tommy, our submission would actually make it into James, print, and were pleasantly surprised to see it Thank you for your letter. Sometimes people there. Thank you again. in STARFLEET get far behind in I appreciate the comments and compliments. correspondence due to any number of other Thank you for the article on the USS Joan of Arc. Sincerely, concerns in their lives. Sometimes they can't You will likely see it in print in the next CO. Captain Edward C. Tunis III really afford to respond to everyone unless a Self Though I'm not sure it was actually five Commanding Officer, USS Justice, NCC-556 Addressed Stamped Envelope is enclosed with months between sending out CQs, your point is the letter. I don't know why you've received no well taken. The post card suggestion is not a Edward, replies, but hopefully they are just delayed and bad idea and if we run into a similar situation in you will hear from them soon. the future I will certainly consider it. Thank you for contributing the article on the In the meantime, l have included your ad- By the way, congratulations on being named Justice! I hope you enjoyed the extra pictures dress to perhaps help expedite a response. -ed Chapter of the Year! we did of your ship. I'm not sure why you thought we might not run it, unless it was Dear CQ, Dear CQ, because your chapter has spoken against this administration? In the July issue of the Communiqué, votes I am a school librarian and an avid reader. I Honestly, I don't much care about anyone's were published on several STARFLEET issues am the first to get any Star Trek books, political stand until it becomes harmful to the including a Yearly Chapter Renewal Fee. I am organization as a whole. What I do care about enclosing a portion of my monthly Chapter - Continued on next page

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 07 why #71 was late. I understand that people have fairly and reasonably administered. That time is a life outside of STARFLEET, but I was quickly coming. Fleet is currently developing a LETTERS wondering why I hadn't heard any mention of means by which COs or others will be able to why there was a delay. If you are on the get instant access to the latest STARFLEET -Continued from pg. 07 STARFLEET listserv, you may have noticed a news and database info for their chapters. I've few of my postings. I only joined in late Dec been told that details will be sent to the COs. It 1995 so perhaps I missed a posting about why should be online by the time you read this. -ed biographies and Shatner novels. I recently #71 was going to be late. But if not, why wasn't finished George Takei's To The Stars and anything posted? I'm sure some people would YEAR 2000 OLYMPICS would like to recommend it. still have insisted that the GO be delivered on ADVENTURE TOUR OF THE AUSTRALIAN I found it to be well written and very time, but some of the rest of us would probably OUTBACK informative into Mr. Takei's war camp years have been understanding. I'm assuming and early ST days. It was [the] most enjoyable someone in the communications department has The USS Southern Cross seeks expressions of all the bios. access to the listserv because of comments of interests from STARFLEET members in our made in the "Much ado about what" section (pg proposed 4-wheel drive tour of the centre of Dorothy Koopmeiners 3, col 2) so I wondered why there hadn't been Australia as a pre-Olympic adventure. USS Arizona any semi-quasi official notification of what was Conducted by an experienced 4-wheel drive causing the delay. I put out the newsletter for tour leader, the areas proposed to be covered Dorothy, our chapter and I know how difficult it is to put a are scenic places in the centre and northern newsletter together and to print it [Actually I've parts of outback Australia. Thank you for your recommendation. Mr. never printed it myself, but left that to other It is expected that a limited number of billits in Takei has indeed led an interesting life. volunteers, which of course can lead to trouble] members homes will be available. Additionally, he is one of the most warm and Anyway, I was just wondering. Thanks for genuinely friendly Star Trek cast members in taking the time to reply. Australian contact: any of the series. I'm happy to pass your Lt . Cmdr. Joan E. Pierce comments on to the rest of STARFLEET. -ed USS Questar, NCC-435 Captain Alan Yates Dear CQ, Joan, P.O. Box 103 Greetings! I have a polite question about CQ This administration has maintaned a policy of Harbord NSW 2096 71. 1 received mine the other day, and I read not using the nets for official information until AUSTRALIA. that Admiral Glenn not only had to move but such time as more than a few percent of the also to adapt to another computer, which was concerned members have access and it can be Region 7 Pull Tab Project A Trek to Medieval Times By Hartriono Sastrowardoyo By Commodore Bob Vosseller CO, Shadowstar Cathedral Flight Team Stardate: 9511.25 Hello All-- Thanks for your support in donating pulltabs Away Teams from the Regional Flagship only beating the Klingon's knight, but all others to the Region 7 Ops project. I have both bad and USS Challenger and USS Avenger & USS/ISS including the villainous Green Knight. good news: when I stopped by the office of Lexington. We were also treated to exhibitions of Assemblywoman Smith on December 14th, I Ah, to be transported back through time to horsemanship, swordplay and even a playful was told that the children in North Dakota had the year 1620, Santiago Spain. A Medieval wizard. After our sumptuous meal we strayed moved and therefore the project of collecting a Adventure of cosmic proportions when you off reminding the Klingons of their knights defeat second million tabs had ended. consider the presence of not only Federation and visited the Dungeon which featured various However, Brenda Bell has informed me of a officers displaced through time but the many historical displays of torture. The Klingons felt school in Las Vegas whose fourth graders are right at home there and enjoyed it more than Klingons from the Sovereign States of the collecting six million tabs as a way of showing eating with their hands. (Something they the number of Jews that were murdered in Darkhfold Nebula. normally do!) Hitler's concentration camps. Kelly Green, who The rift in time began when Darkhfold Nebula Jana suggested another gathering of Starfleet, is the XO of Mystere Station and the teacher for member Jana Best wrote to several area Star IFT and Klingons next Thanksgiving weekend. this fourth grade class, says that as of Trek clubs last summer, including Starbase 7 We hope our number will increase even more. November 30th, the unofficial total reached (to alert the 7th fleet) of a plan for ST fans to This was a perfect example of how fans of 902,000 and they were hoping to reach the first bring 24th century color to one of New Jersey’s various dubs and affiliations can get along very million by Christmas. So far, the crews of the most stylish restaurants. well. USS Stargazer and USS Pioneer have A setting which featured a castle exterior and Some dancing at the Knight Club helped cap participated, and the students get very excited an interior filled with an arena of Kings, Queens, off the evening before we had to beam up to our whenever pulltabs arrive from out of state. Barons, maidens and Knights. An evening of various ships and make that all important swing The tabs that were in my possession as of jousting and sword play while dining medieval around the sun to get back to our appropriate December 15th were mailed out to Las Vegas - style (with your hands). time. all 30-odd pounds of them! Even at Parcel Post Most of us came attired in our 24th century rates, that is a lot of money out of my own uniforms although one Avenger member came beautifully dressed in a period gown with a pocket, so it would be greatly appreciated if the Many of the illustrations appearing pulltabs could be mailed directly to them. (I will comm badge. Another Avenger (pirate) dressed continue to mail them tabs from anyone who a bit ahead of time in 20th century garb. in STARFLEET publications are hands them to me in person, however.) It would Challenger's Science Officer resembled a provided courtesy of Jackill's also be greatly appreciated if you could drop me Bajoran resistance fighter and she came Re ference Manuals. For information a card stating that you or your chapter mailed in prepared to study the period with her native about Jackill's Fonts, Data Sheets, tabs, and if possible, how much, so I can duly tricorder. A fellow Challenger wore a 23rd and Reference Manuals write for a note so in ALERT FIVE, my newsletter. century uniform. Lexington's crew came in their Mirror/Mirror ISS Lexington uniforms complete free catalog. Send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to: TREKNOLOGY The school's address is: with gold sashes. My Lady Emily and I wore ST:TNG red and blue uniform sweatshirts made WAREHOUSE, PO Box 93362, Miss Green's class by the USS Justice. Spain was a bit cold this Lubbock TX 79493- 3362. C/O Jack Dailey Elementary School time of year. Elec tronic information from 2001 E Reno Avenue The Kiingons raised their disrupters and fists Treknology Warehouse may be while In full regalia across from us as we rooted Las Vegas, NV 89119 received from against their yellow & red knight and supported [emailprotected] Thanks for your help! our black & white Champion who ended up not

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 08 STARFLEET: Challenge of the Heart By FCapt. Betsy Matteis, Project Director

THANK YOU STARFLEET!!! Due to recruiting drives you can pass out literature that members who gave of their time to make the overwhelming response the Executive you can obtain from the CDC or the American video. It is an educational tool that will help you Committee has voted to extend this project Red Cross. Your chapter can hold a car wash and your crew learn about HIV/AIDS. indefinitely. This is one of the most important and donate the profits. Out goal is to raise Participation in the STARFLEET Challenge of projects we've ever undertaken because the $10,000 for the Ryan White Foundation where the Heart project is voluntary. Some people feel knowledge we gain could one day save a life. the money will be used to distribute literature on that the problem is too big and there is no hope, The life you save could very well be your own. high school and college campuses. Most of all but without hope the vision we watch every week The STARFLEET Challenge of the Heart the STARFLEET Challenge of the Heart is about in STAR TREK will never become a reality. challenges each and every chapter and member combating the fear and ignorance that surrounds Some people feel that those infected deserve it, to learn all they can about HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS. but the truth is no one deserves it. Some people Since this project was introduced at the To make a donation to the STARFLEET believe themselves not at risk, but the truth is we International Conference in Atlanta last summer Challenge of the Heart send check or money are all at risk. As we approach the year 2000, I've gotten numerous inquiries on just what the order made payable to: STARFLEET Challenge the spread of HIV/AIDS is the most important program is about. It's about teaching yourself of the Heart, to STARFLEET HQ. Also the threat that humanity is facing. We must educate and others the dangers of HIV/AIDS, and about STARFLEET Challenge of the Heart video is ourselves and our children so that the next raising money for the Ryan White Foundation. available from HQ. The video features FAdm. generation does not have to face this epidemic. You can contact a local AIDS center and inquire Dan McGinnis, Adm. Deborah Maestu, Capt. For more information please contact me at about helping their office (most centers are John Maestu(co-director of the Challenge (305) 235 5259 or write to me at 13501 SW 178 desperate for volunteers), or collect canned food project), Jeannie White (mother of Ryan White) St, Miami, FL 33177. to donate to homebound AIDS patients. At your and several other concerned STARFLEET Are you up to the challenge?


World AIDS Day was established by the World Health Organization as an effort to remember those affected by HIV and AIDS. December 1 has been designated as World Aids Day, and over the last several years response has grown from small gatherings to large candlelight vigils and other related events. On December 1, 1995 crewmembers from the USS Triumph participated in several activities for World Aids Day. On November 30, 1995 Steve and Jennifer Rosbury, Chief of Communications and Executive Officer, respectively, attended a service in which new panels for the Names Quilt Project were being dedicated by their family members. It was a very emotional and heartfelt service. Friday, December 1, World AIDS Day, the following crewmembers of the USS Triumph, Betsy Matters, Deborah and John Maestu, Jennifer and Steve Rosbury, Marvin Tarrant, Marjorie Burnett and Adam Eckstat, attended a Candlelight Vigil in a Ft. Lauderdale park. We heard inspiring words from Photo courtesy of USS Triumph members of the community and lit a candle in remembrance during the vigil. We completed the World AIDS Day weekend by spending Saturday December 2 Life after HIV at Sawgrass Mills Mall where six panels from the Names Quilt Project were on display. Along with those mentioned above the following members of the USS By Capt. John Maestu

Triumph came to the mall and helped staff an information table: Sue, Harris and In July of 1994, my life changed irrevocably. Everything in Mark Hershkowitz, Brenda Canatella and Debe Fisher. my mind was focused on one thing, AIDS. At first it seemed The experience we had during the World AIDS Day activities was enlightening and like the ultimate death sentence, and then something at times overwhelming. It was very gratifying that so many members of the crew happened. I went to bed and woke up the next morning. For participated, but more than a little sad that the crew of the USS Triumph made up the everyone else that is a daily routine; for me that was the day majority of volunteers at the information table. It shows that there is a great need for after. It was the realization that life goes on after being volunteers. However, we learned that a few people can make a difference. Those diagnosed HIV positive. Contrary to what people may think, suffering with this disease need all of our support and understanding. World AIDS that news was NOT a death sentence, it was a wake up call, day is over until December 1, 1996, but it is never too late to get involved. Our not only for me but for everyone around me, everyone who crewmembers are educating themselves and those they come in contact with about was involved in my life. So I decided to take it one step further HIV/AIDS and might someday be responsible for saving a life because they took the time to learn the truth. - Continued on Page 13

Project: Challenge of the Heart - Auction Corner

Many stars from the television and movie industry, including but not random and feature it. Bids to should be sent to Captain J. Maestu, 7341 limited to the stars of STAR TREK, have very generously offered their W. Shalimar St, Miramar, FL 33023 and must be postmarked no later support to the STARFLEET Challenge of the Heart. They have offered then the 20th of the month after the Communiqué issue date. us autographs and memorabilia to be used as auction items. These Confused? Example - this is the February/March issue - therefore items have been exclusively dedicated to the Challenge of the Heart bids should be postmarked by April 20, 1996. Bids should consist of HIV/AIDS project. your bid plus a SASE - do not send cash! Bids will be opened in the Any STARFLEET chapter holding a convention or event during order they are received and numbered. The highest bid received by which they will hold a raffle or auction may write to SFHQ and request the cutoff date will be the winner. an item from this 'stash'. The only stipulation is that all money raised Our first item has been donated by Scott Bakula. It is a script of the on the sale of any of these items is designated for Project Challenge of Quantum Leap Episode "A Tale of Two Sweeties," and has been the Heart. Specific items may not be requested, but will be chosen at autographed by Mr. Bakula. The minimum bid on this item is $25.00. random and sent to you. For more information on this fund-raising Our thanks to Mr. Bakula for this donation. The bidding is open and idea, send a SASE to HQ. remember, this is all for a good cause.One hundred percent of the As part of the auction effort, we will also be holding a 'silent auction' proceeds go to the Ryan White Foundation as part of the Challenge of the in each issue of the Communiqué. We will choose one item at Heart .


too loudly, at least they did that much.) Well, the little Island state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has put out a $10 Star Trek: The Next Generation stamp with the crew of the Enterprise. It looks great! It is time to try again for U.S. Star Trek Stamps. If you would like to see such a stamp Issue, please write a short letter recommending that the Postal Service create a series of 32-cent Star Trek Stamps to:

U.S. Postal Service Citizen Stamp Advisory Committee Room 5670 475 L'Enfant Plaza West, SW Commander Edward Kiker Washington, DC 20260-6753 Communique Science Editor You might also recommend what you want on the series. The more letters they get, the more Space Whales: likely they are to do it. Let's make it so!

Japanese researches are planning to attach anything) your ideas and mail them to: Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system Commander Edward B. Kiker, USS Nomad, Return people to the transponders and other sensors to blue whales 21824 Edwards Drive, Easton, Kansas 66020. Moon in 2001? with harpoons which the whales will carry for a Whether specific ideas get used or not, you will full migratory cycle of two to three years. The be listed as a contributor. Most of the input is It sounds ambitious, but that is exactly what $2 million dollar project is being undertaken by needed during the next four months or so. Be Mr. Daniel Goldin, the NASA chief, has the NEC Corporation and the Chiba Institute of imaginative, audacious, non-traditional, but most proposed. This guy does not think small! He Technology, at the request of the International of all try to think of ways that space can pay for has challenged all the people at the NASA Whaling Committee. The system should go itself. Space commerce needs to be the basis of Johnson Space Center to think up creative ways into effect in 1997. The transponders will send it. Profits from space commerce can then pay to do it. It anything along these lines occurs to migration tracking, ocean temperature and for the exploration that we also want, but which you, put it on the Internet to NASA, or send it to whale physiological information through the does not necessarily give a monetary payback. Commander Kiker at the above address. We'll GPS satellite system and the Japanese Whale What kinds of programs can we imagine which make sure it gets to them along with the National Ecology relay satellite. This should begin to fill will actually involve many of us little folk? For Space Policy/Plan input. in the large gaps that we currently have in our instance, a teleoperation center in a knowledge about blue whales. The information neighborhood linked to little rovers on the Moon, will be gathered from many whales each orbit, which you can drive around for an hour for a few Asteroid Rendezvous: as the satellites pass over the whales' migration dollars. Big projects, little projects, anything you routes. The information will be dumped as the can think of. Don't leave something out because The first of the NASA Discovery Program's satellites pass over a Japanese ground station. you think it's unrealistic or crack-pot. small space probes has been launched, the Near Sources do not indicate what is being done to Unrealistic and crack-pot are usually the most Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft. avoid damage to the whales by the harpoon, or if valuable! It will arrive at the asteroid Eros in early 1999 the harpoon is designated to do minimal and orbit it for a year. Eros comes within 14 damage. million miles of the Earth and is fifteen miles in Space Stamp diameter. That is three times the diameter of the Make yourself heard: Remember a year or two ago when we asked one that did in the dinosaurs, 65 million years the membership to write to the Postal Service ago! We could mine minerals on Eros for a NASA-Johnson Space Center and the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee to get them long, long time. Hmmm, come to think of it, if University of Houston-Clear Lake, Texas, is to support Star Trek and historical space we do not find any preanimate matter on it, we sponsoring Commander Ed Kiker's Master's stamps? At that time they said "No" because could have the STARFLEET Caps of Engineers thesis of a new National Space Policy and they did not think anyone would buy them. hollow it out, and we could try the Genesis National Space Plan. STARFLEET members, They never put out much more than some $3 device in it! here is a chance to get your ideas into a real and $10 Shuttle stamps, and a 29-cent fantasy forum! Please write up (pencil, sketches spaceship stamp. (We can't complain too SCIENCE AND TREKNOLOGY Compiled By Lt. Norm Ennis, R-2 Science Officer Chief Science Officer, USS Paegan This is an article that I was given to present to the Communique for printing. it is from a new company here in Florida that is trying to present a new access to space for the average person. SPACE FRONTIER OPERATIONS, INC: CROSSING THE FRONTIER INTO COMMERCIAL SPACE By Ric Jordan shillings 8 pence. A very large sum of money and Company of the Merchants of London for the time. Trading into the East Indies." The bankers gave In October 1599, the subscribers petitioned their venture the name of The East India On September 22, 1599, subscribers held a Queen Elizabeth for permission to send a fleet to Company. In its tenure, The East India meeting in London to raise money for a 'Voyage the East. It also contained a request for a grant Company became so successful that it to the East Indies, (... which it may please the from her of "sole privilege for so many years as exercised a sovereignty of its own equal but Lord to prosper)." Of the 101 investors, most can be obtained and for such freedoms of subject to that of the British Empire. were ordinary city tradesmen such as Henrye custom and other tolerations and favors as may Inducing any institution or other venture to Bridgeman, leather seller, (200; Ralfe Buzbie, be gotten." Elizabeth favored the risk but did not invest capital in the commercial development of grocer, (200; Edward Collins, clothworker, give her immediate approval. On December 31, space parallels the beginning of the East India (200; Francis Cherie, vintner, (200; and so on. 1600, she gave her permission for the risk-filled The total subscription was 30,133 pounds 6 venture and signed a charter of "the Governor - Continued on page 12

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 10 10th Anniv. of Challenger A Eulogy for the Rest of us... Ten Years Later

By Ensign David Marino, USS Destiny Tragedy Marked!

Reprinted with permission from THE MANIFEST - The By Comm. Bob Vosseller CO, USS Challenger Official Publication of the Starship Destiny

It's hard to believe it was ten years ago that It was an event that many won't forget. Like where were we? What were you doing when the America gazed into the heavens to witness the the violent death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, shuttle exploded? What do you remember about tragic loss of not only seven brave explorers but many can still remember where they were it? A hungry press had a feeding frenzy the likes a dream as well. It was a decade ago on Janu- when they first heard of the incident. Ten years of which hadn't been seen since the US made ary 28, 1986 that Space Shuttle Challenger ago the world was stunned to silence. 73 sec- history in the sixties, looking for any bit and exploded leaving behind an indelible mental onds after takeoff, January 28, 1986, the hopes piece of the story that the competition didn't scar on many across the world. and dreams of the US Space Program came to have. Many attempted to include the thoughts My chapter, The USS Challenger is named a halt in the form of a fiery explosion of the and feelings of family and friends of the first after that Space Shuttle. I will never forget that Space Shuttle Challenger. It was an event that civilian in space, Christa McAuliffe, as well as day and how it immediately affected those would create controversy that still lasts to this the children she taught in a school in Concord, members of our "internal Shuttlecraft," Discov- day on the importance of manned space flight. New Hampshire. Many forgot about the six ery off the USS Avenger. Despite some occa- The sixties brought many great achieve- other members of the crew, one of which, Ron- sional ribbing by fans as to why we'd want to ments to the history of manned space flight. ald McNair, was an accomplished saxophone name ourselves after a vessel which exploded, Our goal was the Moon then. Many works have player. we've always been proud of our name. It was been written to detail those events, and all will In tribute, the writers of Star Trek dedicated meant to show the perseverance of mankind go down in the annals of history, good and bad. a film to them. A musician wrote an album fea- that the Challenger had reached the stars in the The seventies advanced technological aspects turing the work of Ronald McNair, dedicating the future. of space flight and exploration, not gearing on album to them as well. Many others, family, I was driving on my way to work, listening to putting men on the moon, but to just increase the friends, relatives and NASA itself, have all joined the radio. I heard the report only moments after population's knowledge of their solar system. in the quest for the perfect eulogy. But the men the launch and it appeared that NASA had lost All of those programs were driven by specific and women on board the shuttle have had their the shuttle from their scope. It took several goals, derived in one way or another by the Cold share of dedications; is this what they died for, minutes for me to realize that the shuttle was War. Events in space flight and exploration had nothing more than the prophetic words of a more than missing from their instrumentation, become seemingly mundane and routine, and stunned populace? That is the question NASA that it was gone. The unthinkable had happened, the future seemed to hold more of the same. has to ask as we continue to send manned mis- we had lost a space shuttle crew. I didn't want Challenger. Today there is some speculation sions into space. That is also the question we to believe it. How could this have happened? that there was foreknowledge concerning the have to ask ourselves as we take time to recall This trip into space had even more special condition of the spacecraft as it prepared for the the disaster, and remember where we were, and meaning, its crew included a school teacher 25th mission, but that concern was downplayed what we were doing, when seven people lost named Christa McAuliffe, the first American by NASA for the benefit of federal agencies that their lives, while we could do nothing but watch. educator to reach space. provided the funding for them. The explosion The men and women of the Space Shuttle I was numb by the time I reached work, at a rocked the world. People were riveted to their Challenger. small weekly newspaper in the small resort televisions, hungry for information as to what Dick Scobee, Mission Commander community of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. went wrong. It would be years before any Michael Smith, Pilot Later that afternoon members of our shuttle explanation would be forthcoming. Since the Judy Resnick, Mission Specialist gathered at my parents home where we disaster, interest has once again waned from Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist watched the launch dip several hundred times. the space program. There is information avail- Ronald McNair, Mission Specialist Dan Rather's commentary attempted to explain able, but a disaster hungry audience has moved Gregory Jarvis, Payload Specialist what happened but all we could understand was onto other terrible events. Christa McAuliffe, New Hampshire School that this was a great loss of life and a very criti- Ten years later we revisit the memories; Teacher cal step backwards for the space program. The Shuttle program would be put on hold for months until the problem was uncovered and a school named after such a brave female edu- solved. cator. McAuliffe was chosen among 11,000 The accident showed us how routine we had applicants for the mission. Seeing a teacher go come to see the shuttle launches and how frail into space was inspirational to many educators. our quest to the stars had become. People had Students sang the lyrics, "They were flying for begun to lose the excitement of what the space me, they were flying for everyone...She was try- program meant and how hard we had worked ing to see a brighter day for each and everyone." to get where we were. Months later a park in Vice Principal John R. Dunzelman is a sup- nearby Brick Township, NJ would be named, porterof the space program whose space mem- "Challenger Way" in honor of the astronauts. orabilia was put on display at the school during The 10th anniversary was recently observed "Christa McAuliffe Day" held a few days prior to at the Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Jack- the anniversary of the Challenger accident. son Township, NJ. Students of the school made Each shuttle patch is significant to its mission a video tape in honor of its namesake. and is designed by its crew. Challenger's patch Though McAuliffe never had the chance to featured a flag signifying U.S. involvement, a teach lessons from space, students and teach- shuttle with open hatch doors to show they were ers at the school never forgot her wish that edu- going to photograph, Haley's comet and an apple, cators strive for new frontiers. Students at the school described her as a teacher with "the right representing McAuliffe's involvement. stuff" who was a good communicator. Like many, Dunzelman recalled the images of The tape also included segments on the pur- the young faces who watched the telecast of the pose of the shuttle missions, why a teacher had disaster. been chosen to serve as a crew member, the The school holds a remembrance each year meaning of its patch and the song "Flying for so that students will understand the meaning students of the Christa McAuliffe Middle School, me." written by John Denver in memory of the behind the school's name. Principal Terrence we as STARFLEET members need to reflect Challenger crew. Kenney commented to a local newspaper the from time to time on mankind's real life quest to Students of all grades and levels contributed "the kids need to know the importance of the boldly go where no one has gone before. It's to the program, school officials said. space shuttle program." been a hard struggle which will take us many McAuliffe's mother, Grace Corrigan attended During our February meeting, our Asst. Ops years to reach, but we're getting there and if we the opening of the school and footage of her Chief, Ken Diehl spoke to our members and should ever need any further inspiration to con- appearance was incorporated into the video. showed a collection of his mementos from the tinue on, perhaps we should think back to Janu- Teachers have expressed pride in teaching at Challenger tragedy. We didn't forget. Like the ary 28, 1986.

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 11 Office of the Inspector General Captain John T. (Jack) Hopkins The following promotions have been Inspector General - STARFLEET approved by the Executive Committee of STARFLEET and are effective immediately. 1635 Bright Leaf Road Congratulations to all on the hard work and dedication to the ideals of this organization that Pfafftown. NC 27040 have earned you this recognition.

Online: CSVW26A@Prodigy. COM to Vice Admiral

Doug Glenn (Chief of Communications, SF) Regional Votes of Confidence underway to Rear Admiral Here are the results of the Vote of Confidence In Questions regarding the polling process or Region 1: other matters of interest can be directed to me at Sharon Ann Campbell (SF Academy of the address above. Computer History Director, USS Pendragon) Approve 43 (61%) Coyote (R12 RC) Disapprove 0 David A. Miller, M.D. (Chief of Staff, SF, DRC No response 27 (39%) Medicine Director, USS Antonio Maria ...... Valsalva) Total 70 (100%) to Commodore

Allyson Dyar (R5 Interim RC, USS Stellar Wind) Brad Pense (R3 RC) Linda Reynolds (Chief of Shuttle Operations, SF, USS Czar'ak) Sharon Stewart (DRC Program Director)

to Fleet Captain

Wayne Cavalier (Chief of Computer Operations, SF) Cher Couch (USS Rubicon) Bill Herrmann (Subspace Comms Director, USS Rutledge Adam Self (R16 RC) Susan Severt (USS Highroller) Scott Stone (R15 RC, USS Longfellow) Becky Thane (Overseas Coupon Project Director, USS Infinity

to Captain

Don Coleman (USS Stargazer) Jane Fisher (USS Kitty Hawk) Vera Maheu (USS Equinox) Barbara McGinnis (SFHQ, USS Umiak) Carey Muse (USS Kitty Hawk) Sherryl Pinsker (SFHQ, USS Locksley) financing commercial space programs are Keith B. Rodgers (USS Republic) following methods similar to those of the East Patricia R. Scritchfield (USS Arizona) Science and India Company. SFO membership is an Linda Tehee-Kees (USS Lancelot example of this, for it has begun to grow from a Treknology small, hard core nucleus as we enter into our . first contract in the commercial space arena. SFO's Core Values, listed below, reflect our commitment to crossing over this frontier: We Notice that these Core Values include the - Cont. from page 10 are a "Not for Profit" membership company member. Many members already serve, in a established for the purpose of exploration, not a limited, voluntary capacity, on "active duty" in Company because of the environment into product or market driven company. We intend administrating SFO's corporate needs. For which the capital must be cast. Today's to make a lasting contribution to society through those members who do not wish active duty, spacecraft can find themselves facing the same our explorations and the products and services there are projects available. Some are studies fate as Elizabethan sailing ships, for the latter generated in the process. We are dedicated to in areas we need to look closely at. For other often left home on a long voyage and were never quality of Product, Service, Relationships, members who desire nothing other than to seen or heard from again Communication and Employee Life. We believe belong, our quarterly publication will keep them It is into commercial space that SFO and its that we should be an organization where the up to date. We believe that the return membership have cast their vision. Why? potential of every member may be realized. We on investments in commercial space will, for the Because highly technical developments become are committed to: - Enlightened, participate future, be as great as they were for the tea and available to the man in the street only when they management techniques when clear, command spice trade in the sixteenth and seventeenth pass from under government funding and into structures are not needed. - Developing centuries commercial enterprise. The time is right for leadership skills in all active employees and To obtain membership information, write this step. Large scale government funding for members. - Providing well-trained and Space Frontier Operations, Inc., Rita Cawthon- space in the U.S. is disastrously declining. experienced leaders at all levels in the company. Clark, Operations Director, P.O. Box 0445, Revenue for the commercialization of space is We are building a company that will last for Cape Canaveral, FL 32922-0445. * now coming from private investors. Methods for eons.

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 12 Life After HIV The Names Quilt Project - Continued from page 09 By Commander Jennifer Rosbury and make it a wake up call for SF. When I was asked to write this article, I as viewing the quilt or possibly as volunteers for At the time Deborah (Nelson) was my fiance, unsure how to express the emotional reality the Names Project. and she was very supportive of me, as was my associated with seeing the quilt. My husband, For more information on the names project good friend Michael Cowart. I started to slowly Steven, and I recently represented our ship, the and how you can create a panel in memory of a get back into my life. After a few months I saw USS Triumph, at the New Panel Dedication friend or loved one write to: someone on who caught my attention, Ceremony on November 30. I think the way to inspired me and made me tackle the reality of my disease head-on. His name was Pedro best describe this emotion is to say that next to The Names Project Foundation Zamora. I admired him because he was from knowing someone dying or who has died of 310 Townsend Street, Suite 310 my hometown, and he was doing something so AIDS, seeing the quilt, and more so, seeing the San Francisco, CA 92102 brave. He was in the public eye, talking, joking person who created this memorial, this image PH (415) 882 5500 or FX (415) 882 6200 and educating people about HIV and AIDS. Doing of a person who they loved, is one of the most that was, to say the least, dangerous. To come eye opening emotional experiences. To actually For more information on the quilt in the out in that manner was an easy way to be the see that person who loved someone so much Capitol, October 11 -13, 1996 and how you can focus of ridicule and scum. But he went on to they would create a memorial to show us that help, write to the same address, or if you would star in MTV's The Real World. Watching him this person isn't just part of a statistic, isn't just like to be part of a STARFLEET group possibly was very instrumental in reforming my outlook another victim, shows us that someone who meeting and/or volunteering in Washington for on life, and what I wanted to do with it. I dies of AIDS is a person too, who loved and this effort, please contact me at: volunteered in the HIV community in Miami and lived just like us. Ft. Lauderdale. Months passed and my Here's a little history about the Names 7720 5th St., 12-23 involvement grew until finally I came out to my project. The Quilt was originally conceived in Plantation, FL 33324 chapter. But that wasn't enough. November 1985 during a march in which San On several occasions I spoke to Dan Francisco gay rights activist Cleve Jones asked In the STAR TREK universe, and in McGinnis, who was aware of my situation. l told marchers to write on placards the names of STARFLEET, we talk a lot about accepting him that I wanted to make it known at the friends and loved ones who had died of AIDS. people as they are and we try to live by the International Conference about my disease and At the end of the march, above a sea of principles of IDIC. On viewing the Quilt, we that Deborah and I had an idea about a fund candlelight, Jones stood on a ladder taping the really got a feeling of IDIC. There are panels raiser for HIV and AIDS. We discussed the cards to the side of the San Francisco Federal created by girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, possibility of bad reactions and doubts. This was Building. The effect resembled a patchwork mothers, fathers, lovers, even a panel created by something I had already thought about. While quilt. A little over a year later Jones created the the staff of a local center which cares for volunteering in support groups I heard many first Names project AIDS Memorial Quilt in children, babies, who are dying of AIDS. The stories about people losing their friends, memory of Marvin Feldman, a close friend of permanent part of the panel is based on the spouses, and families because of a positive HIV Jones. In June of 1987 friends and lovers joined children's book the Little Prince and talks about test result. I decided that it was a risk I had to together in a San Francisco storefront to create the stars in heaven. Each time one of their pa- take. I had his support and the support of my a memorial to illustrate the impact of this tients dies a new star is embroidered and be- fiance and my chapter. That's all I needed. disease so that history would not forget these comes part of the panel. When we saw the So now here I am writing this article, after the people. Quilt there were over 20 stars, one new enough Conference and after the video production. It's Since that first effort in 1987, response to the that there hadn't been time to permanently stitch been wonderful to get the support and friendship Quilt has been enormous and immediate. It has it. and prayers that I have received since I came grown in size from its original 1,920 panels first Every activity, particularly the Names Quilt out to you. I wish that everyone who is HIV positive or has AIDS had friends like I have here displayed together on October 11, 1987 on the Project, that we have been involved in as part of in SF. Right now I'm fortunate to be healthy and Capitol Mall in Washington DC. It has been our Challenge of the Heart effort, has been a able to work and know that I have my friends and displayed again and again in 1988, 1989 and learning experience. Hopefully we will be able family to help if I need it. But there are a lot of 1992, and tours the country as well in pieces, to educate our community to the reality of this people out there with this disease who are not as usually displaying quilt panels from that disease and also to the fact that there is nothing fortunate. Even if you are not involved in fund particular area. Plans are now under way for different about people with HIV and AIDS - they raising for the Challenge, volunteer in your 1996 in October to once again display it, in its are men, women and children just like us. If you community. Local agencies can refer you to entirety, in Washington DC. It is estimated that doubt that, l hope you have the opportunity to see programs that assist home bound AIDS patients by that time the quilt will cover roughly twenty- the Quilt and see a little bit of the heart and soul who may needs assistance with shopping, nine (29) football fields. The USS Triumph is of those who have died, and those who are left transportation to doctors or just a friendly voice discussing a possible away mission to behind. on the other end of the telephone. By doing this Washington to be part of that effort, either you can help avoid people having to die an outcast. You can show people that the world is not completely ignorant. Isn't that the spirit of IDIC? CHALLENGE OF THE HEART CONTRIBUTORS It is an honor to be involved with the Ryan White Foundation. Jeannie White has been so We wish to thank the following individuals and Chapters for their recent donations to gracious in helping us with production of the STARFLEET Project: Challenge of the Heart. These contributions will assist in educationg Challenge video. She is truly an inspiring lady, thousands of teenagers and young adults about HIV and AIDS. Be assured that these who, from a truly rotten experience, has helped contributions do make a difference and that we sincerely appreciate all your efforts and to create a great organization. The Ryan White Foundation is grateful to STARFLEET for our assistance with this project. interest in helping out.

Kelly Hilliard Carl Johnson Patricia Spillers

Michael Malotte Joseph Dobson John Maestu

USS Stargazer Laura Reardon Sherryl Pinkster

Mrs. Theodore Mastoff USS Morning Star Sherry Anne Newell

I. Jefferson Kirkland, Jr. James Bauemeister Jo A. Curl

Dan McGuinnis Margaret Grunwell USS Heimdal

Hugh B. Pense


To Whom it May Concern; Substation Created!

Alvin Dozier has been a valuable volunteer at the By Fleet Captain Pam Boyer

Museum of Science and Industry since February, Hello. Greetings from the newly established Canadian Sub-Station of 1989 and has shared over 1,765 hours of service to STARFLEET! This is a brand-new office that has just been established in order many different departments. to help with the distribution of Communiqués, membership packages, and Alvin was instrumental to the success of our vouchers to Canadian STARFLEET members. In the past it has seemed to us, here "STAR TREK: Federation Science" exhibit, featured in the Great White North, that we receive our 'Fleet materials well after the rest of at MOST from February to September of 1995. the 'Fleet members in the States. In order to remedy that situation, and to help out Having been an avid fan for many years, the prospect the administration, which has had to try and deal with a huge explosion in of having the Star Trek exhibit here at MOSI prompted membership numbers, I proposed the idea of a Canadian HQ sometime last year. Alvin to assume the role of "Captain" of our version of After a lot of thought, and some feasibility studies, the administration decided to give the Starship Enterprise. Alvin diligently shared his it a try. So far, it seems to be working out very well. I have received two time in the set-up of this fascinating exhibit. Alvin also shipments, one of Communiqués, and one of membership packages, and have assisted in training the volunteer staff with the science been able to distribute them both without too much trouble. I have even had word that facts behind the science fiction that were presented in they arrived at their intended destinations! a hands-on fashion. During the course of the exhibit, The other job of the sub-station is to offer STARFLEET vouchers for sale in Alvin reported for at least two four hour shifts per Canadian funds, but at the current exchange rate. This really helps the Canadian week in "STAR TREK: Federation Science." members because they don't all have to get money orders, send away for vouchers, Alvin has always been very focused on customer pay the postage costs, and wait for weeks. They can now buy the vouchers directly service, and especially takes his time to explain our from me, with the cash they have on hand. This program has been very successful. exhibits to our guests. He excels with younger In only two months of operation, I have already sold 71 vouchers! This is more children, and they seem drawn to him as well. vouchers than I have ever dealt with in five and a half years as the Astra CO! We are proud to have the services of Alvin Dozier My long-term goal for the sub-station is to eventually establish a Canadian bank as he continues his involvement with MOSI as an account, and a process by which the membership packages can be printed and usher in our new MOSIMAX theater. distributed from a central location within Canada, and not have to rely on the US HQ for these items. The idea is not to usurp control from the elected HQ, but to Sincerely, help them with the timely distribution of 'Fleet materials to Canadian members. Patricia Robison MOST Volunteer Coordinator Comments and questions from all 'Fleet members are welcome, and can be 4801 East Fowler Avenue addressed to the Sub-Station address below, or to . FCapt. Tampa, Florida 33617-2099 Pam Bowyer Canadian Sub-Station, STARFLEET 433-30th Ave N.W. Calgary, AB T2M 2N5 STARFLEET Wedding in Region 7

By Commodore Bob Vosseller, Region 7 Coordinator r

Officers of the USS Avenger, USS Thagard & proceeded with our journey into USS Challenger came together to share the Phil a de l phia to locate the church where the nuptials of two very special STARFLEET sp e cial event was to take place. officers in Region 7 on December 16th. I was Vice Regional Coordinator/Challenger honored to be among those on the guest list. XO FCapt Mike Smith, perhaps aware of I've attended, presided over and have been Emily and my remarkable directional part of many STARFLEET weddings and real- skills was on the look out for us when we life weddings involving STARFLEET members arrived and was stunned by our early in my time. The wedding of USS Avenger arrival. (Oh ye of little faith.) Pat had Communications Chief Mike Klufas and USS hoped to have had his gun (or at least a Thagard Communications Officer and Region 7 phaser) with him as we traveled through RDC Officer Kristine Regan fell into the latter of Market Street in Philly but alas our journey those two categories. was without incident. The ceremony was

Seeing as how it was a union of two officers beautiful and being the shutterbug that I Photo by Commodore Bob Vosselle from 2 different ships who are well known to am, several photos were taken. USS Avenger Communications Officer Mike Klufas and USS Thagard many within Region 7, it wasn't surprising that The reception followed and boy was Communications Officer Kristine Klufas begin their walk down the aisle after becoming husband and wife during a special ceremony widely their invitation list included so many there plenty to eat, drink and enjoy. There attended by officers of STARFLEET, Region 7. STARFLEET people. was much dancing and the groom and While the threat of heavy snow diminished bride looked as if they just stepped off a wedding Former RC and USS Avenger CO Admiral early in the day, USS Challenger Security Chief cake, they looked that good. The groom Alex Rosenzweig was the best man while USS & RDC Security Officer Pat Comune and I commented while hugging a wedding guest, "I Thagard Science Officer Rhonda Greene was caught up with my lovely imzadi Emily Ford thought I'd cry when I saw how beautiful Kris the Maid of Honor. Other Avengers and Thagard (who had left my place earlier in the morning) at looked in her gown." The entire wedding part her place in Southern New Jersey and also looked fantastic. - Continued on Page 28

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 14 " Conception, Gestation and Birth of a STARFLEET Chapter" The Commissioning of the USS Edgar D. Mitchell By Commander Les Rickard, Executive Officer

CONCEPTION were students of Thomasville High School and some members of the Scarlet Regiment Well this story begins late last year when I Marching Band. The group decided we should Mitchell's XO and CO relaxing while awaiting the next Command Shuttle to the World Series (Go Braves!) ran into a mutual friend of my current CO, Capt. call ourselves the Shuttle Regiment. And thus Keith Brinegar. He told me that my old friend what would eventually become the USS Edgar had moved to Thomasville NC, which just D. Mitchell was conceived. Davidson County with other Chapter CO's and happens to be where I am a City Police Officer. its impact on those other Chapters. We were Shortly thereafter I stopped in at his apartment able to show that we all are "just one big, happy where he and his wife (newlyweds, fleet. nonetheless) lived. When I rang the door bell This also Keith answered and found a Thomasville Police allowed Officer standing at his door. The first words out us to de- of my mouth were, "Mr. Brinegar, I have a termine Warrant for your arrest." It took my fearless which CO a moment to get over the sudden shock Chapter to before he realized who it was. A few moments Shut tle later we were playing catch up and talking about from. old times while I took my meal break. In late At the time, Keith was the CO of the USS 1994 Keith Aristarchus in Asheboro, NC. But his increased left the distance to the chapter upon moving to USS Aris- Thomasville was a concern to him. Over the tarchus in next several weeks the concept of a shuttle and the cap- eventual chapter in the Davidson County area able was bantered around. It seems that a number of hands of the younger people in the area had expressed an his then interest in starting some type of group in XO, Capt. Davidson County. They wanted to have Richie something of their own that they could look at Boyd. This and know they accomplished. We arranged to allowed he hold several organizational meetings in the area and I to pursue the formation of the Shuttle to gauge the interest. GESTATION Regiment. One function that showed us that Now the Regiment really began it's gestation there was interest in the area, was the opening of Now I am still not quite sure how I got placed period late in 1994 with the beginning of the first (roped?) into the job of First Officer. All I Star Trek: Generations. We signed on a couple organizational meeting. of new members from that and it gave us some However, the Skipper and I good public exposure. Soon after that the thought it best to hold at least Aristarchus became the USS Dark Star and three Monthly Organizational Captain Boyd offered to be the new shuttle's Meetings before submitting a Support Ship. Which we gladly accepted. After request to become an Active determining that the support was there we Shuttle. This allowed us to do officially applied for Shuttle Status in early several things. First, as I Februa ry 1995. Then we began one of the mentioned earlier, we were able har dest part of this journey to Chapter Status, the to gauge how much sincere wait for the shuttle paperwork to return. interest there was in forming a On March 26, 1995 it was official. The Shuttle Davidson County Chapter of Regiment, NCC-61801/01 was launched from STARFLEET. Second, discuss the Shuttle Bay of the Dark Star. The journey the idea of forming a Shuttle in - Continued On page 28

STARFLEET Inspector General, Jack Hopkins holding our fearless leader while Admiral Cindy Krell gives the traditional "christening" at our Commissioning celebration in Pancho's

Right: USS remember is when we started out holding these Mitchell on interest meetings it was obvious that Keith was approach to a recently going to be the CO. Of course he was going to discovered need an XO, but I was to wrapped up in putting planet in together flyers and other items to really notice Region 0ne. that I was doing the job of the XO. When the Long Range time came to hold the meetings I was Scan by introduced as the pre-shuttle's First Officer by Mike Wilkerson Keith. A number of the young men and women

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 15 Why Two Warp ENGINEERING Nacelles Are Better CORNER Than Three By Rear Admiral Chris Wallace, Engineering Editor

For most of its history, Starfleet vessels objectives have been fitted with two warp nacelles, with were to keep single nacelles being much less common. the ship docked Certain "heavy" vessels, mainly the at Starbase dreadnoughts, have employed three nacelles, until the start of and we have even seen some four-nacelled hostilities. The designs over the past century. dreadnought Why do Federation starship designers seem would then "stuck" on two nacelles? Efficiency. Two deploy to the nacelles create the optimum balance of power trouble spot generation and vehicle control. By altering the and engage the timing differences of each nacelle, the warp field enemy forces geometry can be varied on the X/Y-axis, thereby in conjunction altering the ship's heading. Single nacelle with smaller, vessels require advanced field-control systems more maneu- to perform these maneuvers, and only the verable ves- smallest ships (such as scouts) use a single sels, acting as nacelle, since the cost of the control system is a "gun plat- smaller than using two nacelles. Still, this is a form". These rare case, and by the late 2200's, most single vessels never nacelle designs incorporated two nacelles saw their mounted side-by-side. intended ser- After the Romulan and Klingon wars, vice, but their Starfleet began development of the dreadnought deterrent effect class of starships to provide a high-speed helped contri- weapons platform. To reduce costs and speed bute to that. USS Directorate, NCC-2110, one of the original Federation class Dreadnoughts, confronts a Klingon D-7 introduction, rather than designing an entire new With the Battlecruiser near Axanar. Long Range Scan by Mike Wilkerson class of vessels, Starfleet decided to modify the introduction of Constitution class heavy cruiser. Additional new and improved starship designs by the nacelle to the other. An added benefit of this phaser emplacements were added and, to Klingon and Romulan Empires, Starfleet arrangement appeared during design modeling, increase speed, a third PB-31 warp nacelle was decided to upgrade the Federation class since it made the warp field more triangular, grafted to the top of the primary hull and the dreadnoughts to the technology and systems providing better X/Y/Z-axis control. Federation class dreadnought was born. employed on the new Enterprise class of heavy Improvements in warp design increased power Though this required extensive modification to cruisers. The dorsal section was lengthened to to 135% of that of the Enterprise class, though the impulse engines and required the moving of better integrate the LN-64 nacelle mounted there, reactant consumption also rose, now to 145%. A Main Engineering from that location to its without sacrificing impulse design or efficiency. second class of dreadnoughts, the Ascension, present location in the secondary hull, it did The original mounting design of the side- was also created, using the Belknap class raise the top speed of the vessel by two full mounted LN-64 nacelles was the same as that cruiser as its model. warp factors and total ship's power by an for the Enterprise class, but this was scrapped Four nacelles did not enter Fleet service until additional 20%. However, the consumption when the shaft design was found to interfere with the commissioning of the Constellation class rate of reactants rose almost 35%. The ship's the hangar bay. A new design, with the shafts exploratory cruiser. These vessels were handling characteristics were worsened, but mounted flush to the top of the secondary hull this was deemed acceptable as the mission and with a direct horizontal feed from one - continued on next page

Left: USS Hexum, NCC-2199, Ascension class on manuevers out of the new orbital facilities over Starbase 12. Right: USS Vindicator, NCC-23911. Olympus class Dreadnought (medical refit) exploring a nebula on the periphery of Federation space Long Range Scan by Mike Wilkerson

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 16 Engineering Charlie Dierkop, Julie Pro, Phillip Pine - Cont. from page 16 and Beverly Washburn designed to operate on the extreme edge of Federation space for mission periods exceeding ten years or more. As repair facilities would be JD Productions' Star Trek/Star Ware Collectible Show few and far between, it was decided to use four LN-68 nacelles to provide both reduce the 9510.21/22 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey stress on the warp system as a whole, and to provide both spare parts and, if necessary, a "backup" set of warp nacelles in the event of a By Hartriono Sastrowardoyo severe systems failure in the warp propulsion Shadowstar Cathedral Flight Team system. This design, while inelegant, was functional and a number of ships were built. Total power was 170% and reactants Julie began the talk by saying that she was then the makeup as the reason why! Beverly consumption was 185% of a comparable vessel in the 11th episode, "The Menagerie," as Miss was fit with a mold to cast her face and hands. with two nacelles. Since the Constellation class Piper, the aide to Commodore Mendez. "Who The hands alone took an hour to do, and she was somewhat unique in its mission design knew it was going to be such a phenomenon?" wore the makeup appliance for 4 1/2 hours a objectives, it was also unique in being the only she asked, and not knowing, didn't save day. Of the experience, she says, "It was not four-nacelle vessel built. anything from the show. glamorous, but it was a lot of fun." In the late 2300"s, the arise of more Threat Phillip, who was Colonel Green in "The Charlie, Morla from "Wolf in the Fold," elements against the Federation once again Savage Curtain," saw that Star Trek was unique remembers Gene being quite unassuming and brought the call for vessels with more than two even in its earliest days. When Gene was pleased to have met him. He met Gene nacelles. Once again, a third nacelle was Roddenberry came to look at a house Phillip earlier when he did a Western pilot with Rip grafted to a cruiser, in this case, the Galaxy was selling, he told Gene, "I want to do your Torn. He was talking with a person whom he class, and the Olympus class dreadnought was show." Why Star Trek? Phillip liked everything thought was a grip or other set worker when it born. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers, in a Gene did with it. He thought Gene was an was actually Gene, who was the producer of the guerrilla war worthy of the Maquis, finally intelligent writer, one that was best at telling pilot! rammed through a new four-nacelle design, the human morality plays and making them seem All four had done other work aside from Star USS Peacekeeper diplomatic cruiser, again more a way of life rather than being preachy. Trek, but how do they feel for being recognized based on the Galaxy class. Phillip claimed to be "tickled pink" about his for their appearance on the show? Julie felt that The ASDB is generally against vessels with appearance in Star Trek. it was a wonderful experience and that it made more than two nacelles, siting the new LN-81 B Beverly, who was in "The Deadly Years," one feel really good. Beverly echoed that it was series which, when mounted on the Galaxy (II) playing Lt. Arlene Galway, had the most flattering, that she considered it the nicest class large exploratory cruiser, raised its top makeup of the four, since the plot of the episode compliment, and that it was a validation for speed to within 10% of the Olympus, while involved her character aging and then dying in everything that she had done. Charlie said that using half as much reactants. Therefore, it is Kirk's arms. She most remembers the he would keep going to cons and keep signing unlikely we will see any more three or more auditioner asking if she was claustrophobic and autographs, while Phillip enjoyed meeting nacelle designs in the near future. people who came to connect with someone who enjoyed that actor's one particular moment. As for the future, Julie, who is a counselor at a shelter for battered women and a writer, still wants to audition. Beverly is now a massage Monument. Higdon then contacted the park and therapist but misses acting and wants to get Shiloh was put in communication with NPS Ranger back in it. Both said that they would like to do - Cont. from page 06 Brian McCutchen, the head of the "Adopt-a- cameos on a future episode of Star Trek, Monument" program who sent a letter outlining although Beverly remarked that her character in. This would later be paled in comparison by the different ways that the shuttle could help the would have to come back from the dead! In other battles such as Gettysburg and park. agreement with them, Charlie and Phillip said Fredricksburg. A portion of the crew took a trip out to Shiloh they would like to reprise their roles, with In a bold move the crew adopted two NMP on September 2 in order to get a first hand Charlie joking that now he would have to play monuments. They are the granite monument in look at the monuments and other sites. Morla's grandfather! He also joked that perhaps honor of the 15th U.S. Infantry, Army of the Members who took the tour were Cmdr. Higdon, he should play Colonel Green now. Ohio, and a granite "tree stump" originally a tree Lt.Cmdr. Karen Higdon (XO), Ens. Ridgeway, With the success of Star Trek, the Star Trek that soldiers had carved the name of J.D. Ens. Raines, POR Levi Morgan (Recruiting universe can certainly accommodate a return of Putnum, Co. F, 14th Wisconsin Volunteers who Officer), Ens. Chris Higdon (Deputy Security these four back into Star Trek. Julie's co-star was killed on that spot and buried there. He Officer) and PO1 Emily Higdon (Yeoman). Malachi Throne making a foray into the Next was later reburied in the national cemetery. During the tour the group stopped at the George Generation not as Commodore Mendez but as The gesture by the crew of the Shiloh will Maness Cabin, the only existing structure to the Romulan Senator Pardek, certainly proves help the park with the cleaning and maintenance witness the battle, as well as a visit to the this is possible. on the two monuments that would otherwise "Bloody Pond," where the wounded and dying would have gone without. "This fits our motto went to clean their wounds. It was said that the 'To Learn From the Past in Order to Seek the waters turned red with the blood of the soldiers. Future'," Shiloh Second Officer, Ensign Peggy Water from the Bloody Pond was gathered for Ridgeway commented. the purpose of using during the commissioning REMEMBER: Chief Operations Officer, Ensign Timothy ceremonies when the Shiloh becomes a full Raines added, "This is important to the shuttle starship. After the tour, the crew adjourned to In order to receive your and the community as a whole. To show that the picnic area and had a barbecue. Communiqué without we care about our past by continued care of On September 16, McCutchen addressed the Interruption, all address historical artifacts means a great deal to the regular meeting of the Shiloh when it was corrections and changes area we serve." decided to be a part of the "Adopt-a-Monument" Selection of the park as a community project program. On October 21 the officers and crew should be provided to came after shuttle CO, Commander Jeff selected the two memorials from a selection of Computer Operations NOT Higdon, read of the possibility that congress nine different monuments. the Communications was going to cut funding or even close parks To help Shiloh National Military Park or any and monuments that have a yearly budget of park who might be under the axe, please write Department! STARFLEET less than 1 million dollars. Shiloh NMP, which your Congressman or U.S. Senator on the cannot be responsible for reported their budget to be less than $700,000, importance of keeping such historical artifacts changes we are not was automatically on the hit list, which includes from becoming another development or such monuments as the Washington amus ement park. informed of.

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 17 THE FINEST STAR TREK STELLAR WIND WRITER'S NEED HELP WITH YOUR NEWS- FOR SALE or TRADE merchandise available! We GUIDE . Topics: Customs and LETTER? Let me help with layout specialize in uniforms and SFX Courtesies; Technical Specs; and word processing. Just send your UNIFORMS - MADE TO ORDER: If makeup. Visa/MC. Now on the Net! Security Classifications; General articles and stories and I will do the you would like a ST:TNG or DS9 E-mail to: [emailprotected]. Visit Orders and Glossary; how to create rest. Very reasonable rates. Send Uniform top made to order, write to us at fictional characters and other SASE to Diane Webster, 3343 E. Coyote, c/o USS Stargazer, PO Box Or write us at Lightspeed essays on writing. 40+ pages for Birch Ct., Visalia, CA 93292. 411793, Kansas City, MO 64141. Enterprises, Dept. G4, PO Box 75, $4.00 from Allyson Dyar, PO Box New York, NY 10276. 941, Kirkland, WA 98083-0941. Next Gen available in all sizes from MISC/PERSONAL babies to XXXL, costs up to $40. LOOK AND FEEL THE PART! CAPTAIN QUIRK, the unauthorized DS9 available from kids to XXXL Name badges, boarding passes, biography of William Shatner by with or without gray neck insert, resin cast insignia, rank pips and STARFLEET member Dennis ISO SWF 19-37 that loves ST for costs up to $45. Admiral's uniforms prop quality merchandise. Hauck, PO Box 22201, Sacramento, companionship. I am SWM, 35, SF available S-XL only for $50. All Federation, Romulan, Klingon, CA 95822-0201. $6.00 ppd. Officer and love ALL ST. Contact colors available. Ferengi, etc. Crewmembers USS CPT Larry D. French, Sr., 1220 Vermont Avenue, White Oak, PA PeaceKeeper. Send $1.00 for STAR TREK, BABYLON 5, 15131-1630. MARVEL COMICS FROM catalog to TERRAN TRADERS, DR.WHO & MORE! Space-Time

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STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 18 U SS LAGRANGE FAMILY SHUTTLE BANTING FORMING IN PRIMARY STARFLEET MEMBERS REUNION planned for June 1996. Is MEMBERS WANTED REGION 13 is looking for members WANTED to form an original your chapter descended from the USS JURASSIC, a correspondence who aren't afraid to have fun and "CLASSIC" Trek Series/Movies Alliance, Columbia, Columbus, chapter, is always looking for new work on many projects both far and correspondence shuttle, the Constellation II, Hexum, Polaris, members. For more information near. Come join the crew! For Rhiannon. Newsletter: Go Maire Tu. Renegade, Tycho or Valkyrie? Write send SASE to: USS Jurassic, PO further info contact: Cmdr Neil We need members who like to the Lagrange at PO Box 1193, Box 158, Hamersville, OH 45130. Arnold, #6 Willow Road, Apt #604, draw, write, etc. and want to Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223. Guelph Ontario N1H 7B5. participate in real life club TREKKERS IN WESTERN PA. operations. For more information Come join the Potemkin, JOIN US: Multi-author directed ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT STARFLEET's oldest chapter in send a SASE to: E.C. Kinzly, PO Box fiction, 50000 words/quarter. Fun to 1424, Jacksonville, OR 97530-1424. HANDBOOKS WANTED by newly Pennsylvania. We meet at the East read. Fun to write. Join the award commissioned ship's Engineer. Liberty library in Pittsburgh every winning Stellar Wind and let your THE AURORA VULCANUS Contact: TRIDENT Engineering, PO 2nd Saturday or write: USS imagination fly. STARFLEET not (correspondence chapter) wants Box 1143, Port Salerno, FL 34992. Potemkin, NCC-1711, PO Box required. John Burt- CQD, 2201 members who like to write, draw, E-mail replies should be directed to: 86153, Pittsburgh, PA 15221 Drew, Turlock, CA 95382. E-mail to: role play or have no time for [emailprotected] [emailprotected] meetings. Join one of the most Postage will be refunded upon S.E.AL.S. OPERATIONS creative starships in the Fleet. request. COMMAND, structured after the 20th Century Navy SEALS, is " DEFINE THE FINAL FRONTIER" Contact: Michelle Fanelli, 14226 dedicated to the promotion of the with the Outpost Shadowstar Heather Falls Way, Houston, TX SERIES EPISODES WANTED: Star Trek philosophy of IDIC and to Cathedral Flight Team, a 77062 . TNG and DS9. If you have any info fostering an understanding of Unity, correspondence shuttle that about the titles and episode Peace, Brotherhood and the need fieldtest spacecraft and related RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS numbers, I'd like it. Send to: Arthur for Science Fiction and Space systems. No dues, just 6 first-class AREA: Shuttle Mystique is looking Bouchez, 7957 North Pearl Street, Exploration. Send LSASE to: Larry stamps for newsletter. SASE to: for members. For information e- Denver, CO 80229 or e-mail to D. French, Sr., 1220 Vermont Hartriono Sastrowardoyo, PO Box mail: [emailprotected] or [emailprotected] Avenue, White Oak, PA 15131- 446, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751- send SASE to: Ann Garner, 1114 S. 1630. 0446. El Paso Ave, Russellville, AR LOOKING FOR AN UNUSED STAR 72801. (Or call Ann at (501) 890- TREK LUNCH BOX. Prefer TOS, HONOR ABOVE ALL ELSE! The THE AURORA VULCANUS 6300) RSE/Romulan Star Empire seeks (correspondence chapter) wants but will accept TNG, DS9 or any ATTENTION NEELIX FANS! EPIC other of the Trek series. Please those loyal to the Empire for members who like to write, draw, adventure and battle. For details role play or have no time for the official Ethan Phillips contact [emailprotected] or International Fan Club has arrived! Foster E. Kawaler, 9323 send a SASE to RSE INC., PO Box meetings. Join one of the most 3508, Dayton, OH 45401, or e-mail creative starships in the Fleet! To be a part of this most awesome Wiscassette Drive, Shreveport, LA of fan clubs send a SASE to: EPIC, 71115. to [emailprotected] Contact: Michelle Fanelli, 14226 Heather Falls Way, Houston, TX PO Box 4818, Waterbury, CT, 06704. Ocampa females ANYBODY OUT THERE USS STELLAR WIND, a 77062. correspondence ship offers our encouraged to reply! REMEMBER the old 1950's TV series Space Patrol, with 1994 STARFLEET Best Newsletter, WEST COAST FAN ALLIANCE is IntraStellar Medium featuring MEMBERS WANTED: Join the USS Commander Buzz Corey and his now accepting memberships. Wolf. Local PA and Ohio or from far mate, Happy? Looking for any member created fiction. All this for Quarterly newsletters feature $15 per year. SASE Allyson Dyar, away. Be active or correspondence memorabilia or kinescopes. Was articles, convention updates and member. We need you! Send SASE my favorite series as a kid. Please PO Box 941, Kirkland, WA 98083- free classified ads. Discounts to 0941 or e- mail to to: Cmdr. Michael Murphy, 610 contact [emailprotected] or many comic and collectable shops Stoneybrook Lane, Canfield, OH Foster E. Kawaler, 9323 [emailprotected] with ID card. Send SASE to Terran 44406-9689. Wiscassette Drive, Shreveport, LA Traders, 3343 E. Birch Ct., Visalia, ROAD TO THE STARS: The CA 93292. 71115. Romulan International Empire is Never make fun of a seeking to expand its borders. To INTERESTED IN MEETING NEW GREETINGS FROM THE USS join or start a local chapter, or for Ferengi’s Mother TRIDENT! If your chapter would like FRIENDS? Discussing various more information, please send your aspects of Star Trek & just plain to exchange newsletters with us request and a LSASE to: RIE, 36 please contact Capt Rosa Jackson, have fun? Then consider signing up Forest Street, Asheville, NC 28803. for the USS Jurassic Penpal list. 5843 SE 47 Ave, C-102, Stuart, FL 34997 or send your E-mail to Enclose a SASE for an application & GUARDIANS OF THE FINAL mail to: Paul K. Fischer, HS-11 Unit The 49th Rule of [emailprotected] FRONTIER. USS PeaceKeeper now 60160, FPO AA 34099-5711 Acquisition accepting applications for active CRAIG COMES! JIM OR SYBILLE and correspondence memberships. ATTENTION C.M.O.'s! Become a KNUTSON! BRUTUS (LEON) Be part of one of the largest and member of the Association of Chief TOTTEN! Anyone knowing the most active Starships in Medical Officers. Cost is free. You whereabouts of any of my old STARFLEET. Send LSASE to Paul receive a bi-monthly newsletter. friends, please contact Matt Kelley Walker, 1311 E. Ferguson Ct., Write to: Alan Dearnley, 330 Jarvis at: [emailprotected] Visalia, CA 93292. Street #607, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 3A3. E-mail to [emailprotected] FT KNOX KENTUCKY 1985-86! If ALIEN NATION APPRECIATION you participated in the STARFLEET SOCIETY. Members receive bi- ONLINE ROLE PLAYING, PEN Campaign held at Copple monthly newsletter, membership PAL SERVICES, Members wanted Recreation Center, especially the big card, button badge, stickers. Dues services and Star Trek Card Sales. Fleet battle between the Klingon $15.00 per year. Checks payable to For more info write: Star Trek Club DSF and the two Federation Fleets, Connie Colvin, 32-21 87th Street, of Lake County, CA. PO Box 4445, please contact Matt Kelley at: Jackson Heights, New York, NY Clearlake, CA 95422. Include [emailprotected] 11369. LSASE.

THE USS SHOGUN is looking for USS SHOGUN sails monthly from JOIN NOW! Join the Star Trek Club other chapters in Europe, Australia, Vacaville, California. We are looking of Lake County, CA and become a Africa, to correspond with and share for a variety of lifeforms to serve correspondence or non- thoughts, ideas. All life forms are aboard our Defiant Class Escort. correspondence member. Write to: encouraged to write to: Shogun For info write: Shogun Speaks, PO STCoLCC, PO Box 4445, Clearlake, Speaks, PO Box 644, Vacaville, CA Box 644, Vacaville, CA 95696-0644. CA 95422. Prepare for the ultimate 95696-0644, USA. E-mail to: [emailprotected] adventure! Please include LSASE.

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 19 Upcoming Events Pro and Fan Cons, Regional & Chapter Functions

The validity of the following information on conventions has not been verified by the Communiqué. Before attending, please contact the convention with the information provided below for the most part current information. STARFLEET and the Communique do not endorse any of the conventions listed below. This list is provided for your convenience and is intended to be used for informational purposes only. To have your event included, send the information to Communique at the address in the front of this publication, at least 60 days in advance.

March 29-31, 1996, BabelCon1, New Kensington Days Inn, New June 15-22, 1996, CRUISE TREK '96: The Caribbean Exploration Kensington PA. Write: M. Andrews, 440 Lois Drive, Pittsburgh PA Aboard the Carnival ship Fanscination from San Juan to St. Thomas, 15236. Call: (412) 481-1964 (general information), (412) 431-7681 Guadeloupe, Grenada, LaGuaira/Caracus & Aruba. Guests: Tim (Damien Burmeister, for table information) This is the convention Russ, Roxann BiggsDawson, John de Lancie, Eric Menyuk, Karen for the STARFLEET Marine Corps AND the Region 7 Summit! Westerfield, Eric Stillwell, Garrett Wang. Write: Cruise Trek, PO Box Don't miss it! Send your e-mail to: Babelcon 1 2038, Augora Hills CA 91376-2038. (include SASE) E-mail: [emailprotected], Call: (818) 597-2940. World Wide Web site: March 30-31, 1996, Trek-Con '96, Ramada Inn, Norwich CT. Guests: Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, James Doohan, George Takei. E-mail: [emailprotected], Call: (860) 437-4884. Web site: June 22-23, 1996, VISICON, Dublin City University, Dublin/Ireland Guests: Nana Visitor, Robert Picardo. Write: VISICON, PO Box 1996, Dublin 14. E-mail: [emailprotected] (with SEND VISICON.INFO March 30-31 1996, NOVACON IV, Westpark Hotel, Tyson's Corner on one line in the body of the E-mail, for basic announcement VA. Guests: Robert Picardo, Grace Lee Whitney. Call: (703) 280-5373 information), [emailprotected] (with SEND VISICON.UPDATE on one line in the body of the E-mail, for changes and updates, guest April 12-14, 1996, Phoenix 1, South Portland Marriott Hotel, South stars, program info), [emailprotected] (for other inquiries) Portland ME. Guest: Barbara March. Write: Phoenix Productions, P.O. Box 496, Biddeford ME 04005. Attn: David Harmon, E-mail: July 5-7, 1996, RebeICon, Holiday Inn, Taunton MA. Guests: [emailprotected] Margaret Wander Bonnano, James Sloyan. Write: RebeICon, 10 Rankin Street, Worcester MA 01605. E-mail: [emailprotected], Call: April 12-14, 1996, Vulkon*, St. Petersburg Hilton, St. Petersburg FL. (800) 99-REBEL. Guests: Garrett Wang, Jennifer Lien. July 27-28, 1996, NovaCon, Westpark Hotel, Tyson's Corner VA. April 12-14, 1996, Trekstock '96, Springdale, AR. STARFLEET Guest: Alexander Siddig. Write: NovaCon, P.O. Box 3363, Merrifield Region 12 Summit. Northwest Arkansas Convention Center at the VA 22116. E-Mail: [emailprotected] Holiday Inn, Springdale, Arkansas. For more info send SASE to: Carl Johnson, Summit Coordinator, 697 Betty Jo Drive, Fayetteville, AR August 2-4, 1996, FantastiCon, Airport Hilton & Towers, Los 72701. E-mail to: [emailprotected]. Angeles CA. Guests: William Campbell (host), Michael Ansara, Rene Auberjonois, Roxann Biggs-Dawson, Bruce Boxleitner, Avery Brooks, April 13, 1996, Creation Convention**, Bayside Expo, Boston MA. John Colicos, Robin Curtis, James Doohan, Michael Dorn, Terry Guests: John de Lancie, Armin Shimerman, Robert Duncan McNeill, Farrell, Max Grodenchix, DeForest Kelley, Peter Jurasik, Walter Majel Barrett Roddenberry. Koenig, John deLancie, Roddy McDowell, Robert Duncan McNeill, Colm Meaney, Nichelle Nichols, Leonard Nimoy, Robert O'Reilly, April 19-21, 1996, Creation Convention** (Grand Slam) Pasadena Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ, George Takei, William Center, Pasadena CA. Guests: Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Shatner, Marina Sirtis, Armin Shimerman, Nana Visitor, Garrett Wang Michael Dorn, Terry Farrell, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Roxann Biggs- (all are pledged to appear- barring professional conflicts). Write: Dawson, Jennifer Lien, Robert Duncan McNeill, Robert Picardo, Aron FantastiCon, PO Box 821673, South Florida FL 33082-1673 (include Eisenberg, Max Grodenchik, Garrett Wang, John de Lancie, Armin large SASE). Shimerman, Andrew Robinson, Tim Russ, Robert Bettran. August 3-4, 1996, Creation Convention** (30th Anniversary Star April 26-28, 1996, F.A.N. (Fleet Academy North) STARFLEET Trek Convention), Masonic Center, San Francisco CA. Guests: John Region 13 Regional Conference, Holiday Inn Yorkdale, Toronto, de Lancie, Michael Dorn, Armin Shimerman. Ontario, Canada. Guests: D.C. Fontana, Bjo Trimble. Write: c/o Georgina Miles, 26 Doddington Drive, Etobico*ke, Ontario M8Y-1 S4. August 3-4, 1996, Creation Convention**, Convention Center, E-Mail: [emailprotected], Call: (416) 588-3817. World Wide Web site: Minneapolis MN. Guest: William Shatner (tentative as of 12/95). August 29-Sept 2, 1996, L.A. con III, Anaheim Convention Center, May 10-12, 1996, ROC of AGE's '96, Sheraton Airport Plaza, Anaheim, CA. Guests: James White, Roger Corman, Elsie Wollheim. Charlotte NC. Guest: James Doohan. Write: GOTH, 105 Honeywood Site of the 1996 World Science Fiction Convention! Write: Ct., Kissimmee FL 34743. Call: (407) 344-3010 SCIFI, PO Box 8442, Van Nuys, CA 91409. E-mail to: iacon3- [emailprotected]. May 11-12, 1996, For the Kids, Sheraton Inn, Charlottesville VA. Guests: Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, Mark Lenard, Larry & Janet August 30 -Sept 1, 1996, Armada '96, Oklahoma Nemecek, A.C. Crispin, Christie Golden. Write: For the Kids, PO Box 123, Quinque, VA 22965. E-mail: [emailprotected] or City, OK. STARFLEET International Conference. [emailprotected], Call: (800) 263-6404

May 17-19, 1996, Fan-Tastic Voyage, Quality Inn, Waco, TX. STARFLEET Region 3 Conference. Operation: Latinum, STARFLEET R3 Poker Tourney. Panels include: costuming, make-up & appliances, amateur astronomy, laser demo, etc. Featuring Region, For information on any Vulkon or Creation Conventions contact: 3's now-traditional Counselor's Corner (a chocolate feast, named after *Vulkon, c/o Joe Motes, 12237 SW 50 Street, Cooper City FL 33330. Counselor Troi), charity auction, and a banquet and pool party (include large SASE) Saturday night. For info send SASE to: Becky Thane, c/o P.O. Box **Creation, 411 North Central Avenue, Suite 300, Glendale CA 8440, Waco, TX, 76714. E-mail to [emailprotected] 91203. (include SASE) Call: (818) 409-0960 (9-3 Pacific time)

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 20 Regional Summaries are compiled from the ship and shuttle reports sent to the Chief of Operations, STARFLEET. Regional Coordinators are encouraged to submit a Regional Summary to the Communiqué to provide the most current Regional information. If a chapter's city of charter was not available, the Commanding Officer's city of residence was used.

Region One

Regional Coordinator Adm Linda Neighbors 837 Regal Oaks Way Amherst, VA 24521-3306 E-mail: [emailprotected]

Ships of the First Fleet

USS Alacrity, NCC-1581 Memphis, TN USS Alaric, NCC-503 Asheville, NC USS Jurassic, NCC-3500 Hammersville, OH USS Appalachian, NCC-3181 Gray. TN USS Khitomer, NCC-61812 Evansville, IN USS Aries, NCC-71806 Johnson City, TN USS Kitty Hawk, NCC-1659 Raleigh, NC USS Arizona, NCC-71839 Clinton, OH USS Lagrange, NCC-3916 Cuyahoga Falls, OH USS Best Destiny, NCC-71828 Lexington, KY USS LeConte, NCC-61858 Gaitlinburg, TN USS Bonaventure, NCC-102A Greensboro, NC USS Leif Ericson, NCC-71818 Summerville, SC USS Cape Fear, NCC-61810 Winnabow, NC USS Lynx, NCC4495A Fort Bragg, NC USS Celestial Dragon, NCC-71810 Boone, NC USS Maat, NCC-1794A Virginia Beach, VA USS Charleston, NCC-71813 Charleston, SC USS Nighthawk, NCC-2301 Richmond, VA USS Chesapeake, NCC-1887 Richmond, VA Station Nikola Tesla, NCC-SS005 Murray, KY USS Chronos, NCC-26298 Beckley. WV USS Pathfinder, NCC-22121 Roanoke, VA USS Columbia, NCC-621 Wooster, OH USS Powhatan, NCC-1967 Chesapeake, VA USS Columbus, NCC-2006 Columbus, OH USS Questar, NCC-435 Louisville, KY USS Constellation, NCC-1728 Paducah, KY USS Renegade, NCC-2547 Youngstown, OH USS Cu'chulainn, NCC-1902A Terra Haute, IN USS Richmond, NCC-2003 Covington. VA USS Dark Star, NCC-61801 Liberty, NC USS Ronald E. McNair, NCC-61806 Columbia, SC USS Dilemma, NCC-1541 Harrisonburg, VA USS Rutledge, NCC-57295A Ladson, SC USS Edgar D. Mitchell, NCC-72016 Thomasville, NC USS Star League, NCC-2101 North Augusta, SC USS Freedom, NCC-71817 Lillington, NC USS Starward Fury, NCC-2122 Fayetteville, NC USS Galactica, NCC-31093 London. KY USS Stonewall Jackson, NCC-71814 Monroe, NC USS Hawkeye, NCC-4950 Winston-Salem, NC USS Tempest, NCC-1566 Charlottesville, VA USS Heimdal, NCC-1793 Madison Heights, VA USS Tristar, NCC-71829 Knoxville. TN USS Hornet, NCC-1714 Charlotte, NC USS Tycho, NCC-59325 Fremont, OH USS Imladris, NCC-3791 Lexington, KY USS Wasp, NCC-1721 Bristol, VA USS Imperial Star, NCC-2551 Carey. NC USS West Virginia, NCC-2008 Scott Depot, WV USS Intrepid, NCC-73501 Kingsport, TN USS White Eagle, NCC-2302 Midway Park, NC USS Jamestown, NCC-1843D Newport News, VA USS Yeager, NCC-61893 Bluefield, WV USS John B. McKay, NCC61593 Blacksburg, VA USS Yorktown, NCC-1704 York, SC

Shuttles of the First Fleet

Shuttle Athena, NCC-71811/2 Reston, VA Shuttle Nathan James, NCC-71806/ Grey, TN Shuttle Bounty, NCC-1728/6 Nashville, TN Shuttle Providence, NCC-1881/03 Jackson, TN Shuttle Lewis B. Puller, NCC-71813/ Summerville, SC Shuttle Sekhmet, NCC-1881/01 Millington, TN Shuttle Lonestar, NCC-1793/10 Lexington, KY Shuttle Shiloh, NCC-1881/4 Henderson, TB Shuttle Mark Twain, NCC-1881/2 University of Memphis, TN


Regional Coordinator RAdm Kelly Hilliard 2071 Walden Park Place Snellville, GA 30278-3479 E-mail: [emailprotected]

Ships of the Second Fleet

USS Chung Fu, NCC-61808 Pensacola, FL USS Millenium, NCC-2081 USS Confederate, NCC-2042 Laurel, MS Tampa, FL USS Continuum, NCC-71821 Pensacola, FL USS Odyssey, NCC-454A Hattiesburg, MS Dark Silence Station, NCC- Florence, AL USS Paegan, NCC-1755 Winter Park, FL USS Dragonfire, NCC-2007 Fort Meyers, FL USS Phoenix, NCC-65420 Kissimmee, FL USS Encounter, NCC-2164 Panama City, FL USS Republic, NCC-1371 Snellville, GA USS Excalibur, NCC-1705 Jacksonville, FL USS Royal Sovereign, NCC-1674 Orange Park, FL USS Guardian, NCC-26244 Satellite Beach, FL USS Savannah, NCC-1894A Guyton. GA USS Hawking, NCC-24162 Lake Worth, FL USS Star Union, NCC-2112 Montgomery, AL USS Hephaestus, NCC-2004 Birmingham, FL USS Starquest, NCC-71804 Naples, FL USS Indestructable, NCC-2017 Gordon, GA USS Trident, NCC-74692 Stuart, FL USS Khai Tam, NCC-81000 Tallahassee, FL USS Triumph, NCC-26228 Miami, FL USS Macleod, NCC-10524A Jonesboro, GA USS Wernher von Braun, NCC-72069 Huntsville, AL USS Magellan, NCC-74673 Savannah, GA USS Yamato, NCC-71807 Pinson, AL Shuttles of the Second Fleet

Shuttle DaVinci, NCC59324/02 Columbus, GA Shuttle Merrimac, NCC-81000/01 Holly Hill, FL Shuttle Durenal, NCC-2112/01 Troy, AL Shuttle Okatoma, NCC-454/05 Collins, MS Shuttle Falken, NCC-2101/04 Harlem, GA Shuttle Starplotte, NCC454/03 Shuttle Haise, NCC-454/04 Ridgeland, MS Region Three

Regional Coordinator FCapt Brad Pense PO Box 1822 Arlington, TX 76004 E-mail: [emailprotected]

During September at Stellar Occasions 11 on the 23rd, members from the U.S.S. Asian (host chapter), U.S.S. Comanche, Space Station Freedom III, U.S.S. Infinity, U.S.S. Kepler, Shuttle Quanah Parker, and the U.S.S. Rhyanna participated in our First Annual Gold Press Latinum Tournament to help raise money for the Region. The winner of the tournament was the Shuttle Quanah Parker. On the 29th of September members from the U.S.S. Aurora Vulcanus, U.S.S. Bexar, Space Station Freedom III. U.S.S Intangible, U.S.S. Kepler, U.S.S. Rhyanna, and the U.S.S. Texas (host chapter) participated in the Annual trip to the NASA Space Center in Houston Texas. At the NASA trip chapters competed to see who could land the Space Shuttle successfully. The winning chapter at this Region 3 Parsi Squares event was the U.S.S. Intangible. Members attended a Creation Convention in Dallas, Texas at Fair Park on November 4th featuring Jonathan Frakes and Robert Picardo. During December various chapters hosted Christmas Parties and celebrated the coming of the New Year. Ships of the Third Fleet

USS Aslan, NCC-8491 Watauga, TX USS Kepler, NCC-59324 Killeen TX USS Aurora Vulcanus, NCC-1888 Houston, TX USS Lancelot, NCC-13982 Arlington, TX USS Bexar, NCC-71718 San Antonio, TX USS Rhyanna, NCC-1892 Austin, TX USS Brissany, NCC-1904A Shreveport, LA USS Sagittarius, NCC-9755 Garland, TX USS Comanche, NCC-71809 Fort Worth, TX USS Storm Bird, NCC-KL8501 Dallas, TX Station Freedom III, NCC-SS001 Benbrook, TX USS Tejas, NCC-9756 Vernon, TX USS Gagarin, NCC-630 Plano, TX USS Texas, NCC-23302 Houston, TX USS Infinity, NCC-661 Waco, TX USS Trouncer, NCC-2553 Texarkana, TX USS Intangible, NCC-65421 College Station, TX USS Vindicator, NCC-23911 Denton, TX USS Joan of Arc, NCC-10522 Mathis, TX USS Wolverine, NCC-23914 Gainsville, TX

Shuttles of the Third Fleet

Shuttle Camelot, NCC-71718/01 Austin, TX Shuttle Quanah Parker, NCC-71809/03 Lubbock, TX Shuttle Dallas, NCC-3700/10 Dallas, TX Shuttle Samurai, NCC-13982/03 Longview, TX Shuttle Enigma, NCC-59324/01 Shreveport, LA Shuttle Tai Shan, NCC-13892/05 New Boston, TX Shuttle Fearless, NCC-23911/02 Odessa, TX Shuttle Victory, NCC-1892102 San Antonio, TX Shuttle Palo Duro, NCC-9756/01 Amarillo, TX

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 22 Region Four Region Coordinator FCapt Paul Walker 1311 East Ferguson Court Visalia, CA 93292 E-mail: [emailprotected]

Greetings from Region IV HQ. The past month has been full of excitement and was the beginning of some long term projects. Region IV hosted Fleet Admiral McGinnis at a party in November. The party was hosted by Region IV, USS PeaceKeeper, USS Constar, Shuttle Maht Kah, and the flight team Sierra. Nine Chapters were represented including the K'Ehleyr Station from Las Vegas, along with the VRC East, Capt. Richard Benker. The Regional Starfleet recruitment drive is starting off great and we are planning a Regional charity event. The USS Siminov and Oberon have been keeping busy in Region IV North and have attended some conventions. The USS Miramar is going strong in Region IV South and are working hard for the Fleet. Region IV welcomes the USS Matrix NCC-2296. They recently relocated to Region IV from Region 12. Great to have you! The USS Eagle is hanging in there and is rebuilding. We are proud to see her come such a long way. They are still fighting for their name and NCC#. The USS Northern Lights is going strong. They recently helped in a telethon on one of their local TV stations. Region IV is back! Ships of the Fourth Fleet

USS Alliance, NCC-2113 Los Angeles, CA USS Northern Lights, NCC-27001 San Jose, CA Cascade Station, NCC-SS003 Shasta Lake, CA USS Notorious, NCC-61811 Santa Barbara, CA USS Constar, NCC-71827 Visalia, CA USS Oberon, NCC-71820 Citrus Heights, CA USS Constitution, NCC-1700 Visalia, CA USS Onizuka, NCC-71815 Chico, CA USS Gallant, NCC-1869 Fresno, CA Pacifica Station, NCC-SS004 San Francisco, CA USS Golden Gate, NCC-2562 San Francisco, CA USS Palavra, NCC-2021 San Diego, CA USS Harrier, NCC-2295 Richmond, CA USS PeaceKeeper, NCC-73200 Visalia, CA USS Harry Benjamin, NCC-30285 San Francisco, CA USS Shadow Guard, NCC-23105 Hanford, CA USS Highroller, NCC-23103 Sun Valley, NV USS Simonov, NCC-2002 Fairfield, CA K'Ehleyr Station, NCC-SS009 Las Vegas, NV USS Tikopai, NCC-1800 San Jose, CA USS Miramar, NCC-2210 San Diego. CA USS Trieste, NCC-1994 Pleasant Hill, CA Mystere Station, NCC-SS008 Las Vegas, NV

Shuttles of the Fourth Fleet

Shuttle Diablo, NCC-1717D/17 Concord, CA Shuttle Shogun, NCC-2002/08 Vacaville, CA

Region Five

Region Coordinator Captain Dana Marshall 645 Southcenter Mall #156 Seattle, WA 98188 E-mail: [emailprotected]

Region Five is in the midst of selecting a permanent Regional Coordinator. No one person received 50%+1 of the nominations on the first ballot which necessitated the very first time a second ballot was issued. Six people were nominated with four accepting nomination: Commodore Keith Marshall, Captain Steven Idell, Captain Dana Marshall and Captain Tom Rutledge. With any luck, the new RC will be writing the report for Communiqué #74! Region Five is the first Region to have its own World Wide Web Page: . Check it out and see what's going on in Region 5.

Ships of the Fifth Fleet USS Apollo, NCC-2546 Portland, OR USS Pendragon, NCC-2005 Bellevue, WA USS Bismarck, NCC-3141 Spokane, WA USS Rubicon, NCC-71816 Richland, WA USS Buckaroo Banzai, NCC-71869 Kent, WA USS Sky Dancer, NCC-5910 Old Town, ID USS Crazy Horse, NCC-3144 Gooding, ID USS Starchaser, NCC-71801 Seattle, WA USS Daniel Soule, NCC-1810 Kent, WA USS Stellar Wind, NCC-1501 Kirkland, WA USS Destiny, NCC-97301 Salem, OR USS Yakama, NCC-61813 Yakima, WA USS Liberator, NCC-2561 Idaho Falls, ID

Shuttles of the Fifth Fleet

Shuttle Agamemnon, NCC-1861/04 Coeur d'Alene, ID Shuttle John F. Kennedy, NCC-3141/01 Boise, ID Shuttle Crusader, NCC-5910/ Otis Orchards, WA


Region Coordinator VAdm David Kloempken 5636 Sheridan Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55410-2616 E-mail: [emailprotected]

Region 6 is getting ready for the Holidays (and most are trying to keep warm) and are busy recruiting. The Czar'ak hosted the Twin Cities local "Trek Holiday party" for the local five or six clubs. Others are just planning their local Chapter Holiday parties. Several Chapters are answering phones for their local PBS stations. We are all looking forward to the New Year and all of our activities. Several chapters are working on things for the "Challenge of the Heart".

Ships of the Sixth Fleet USS Alam'ak, NCC-1796 Cottonwood, MN USS Imperium, NCC-2125 Fargo, ND USS Beheak, NCC-1797 St. Paul, MN USS Itasca, NCC-2123 Fargo, ND USS Czar'ak, NCC-1798A Minneapolis, MN USS Thunderchild, NCC-3122 Rapid City, SD USS Farragut, NCC-1702 Sartell, MN

Shuttles of the Sixth Fleet

Shuttle Betelgeuse, NCC-1778/02 Ashland, WI Shuttle Krela Orla NCC-14514/04 Marion, IA

Region Seven Region Coordinator Comm Bob Vosseller, Jr 202 8th Avenue Ortley Beach, NJ 08751 E-mail through on-line rep: [emailprotected]

The Seventh Fleet certainly knows how to throw a good party, and at no time is that more evident than during the holidays when many ships host festive gatherings. Within Sector One alone the USS Blackheart hosted a Philly area party featuring members of the USS Sovereign, USS Briza and Outpost Shadowstar while the USS Avenger's annual bash turned out to be populated by members of the USS Challenger, USS Malverne and USS Thagard. Good food, dancing and plenty of conversation was available at both events. The Flagship of R7, the USS Challenger, held their party the afternoon of Dec. 3 with the ships in Upstate New York, Maryland, Delaware and other sections of Pennsylvania holding parties the remainder of the month. Congratulations go out to USS Thagard Communications Officer Kris Ragan and USS Avenger Communications Chief Mike Klufas on their recent wedding! Many officers saw the start of the new year with the USS Thagard's annual New Year's party. The Seventh Fleet is going strong and wishes a great New Year for all of STARFLEET!

Ships of the Seventh Fleet

USS Aegis, NCC-1674 York, PA USS Malverne, NCC-2205 Upper Darby, PA USS Albany, NCC-587 Guilderland, NY USS Merlin, NCC-61802 Oxford, PA USS Alpha Centauri, NCC-71812 Camp Springs, MD USS New Horizons, NCC-71676 Dexter, NY USS Ari, NCC-1723 Williamsville, NY USS Odin, NCC-1875 Halethorpe, PA USS Ascension, NCC-2520 Bath, PA USS Potemkin, NOC-1711 Pittsburg, PA USS Avenger, NCC-1860 N. Brunswick, NJ USS Sovereign, NCC-2505 Philadelphia, PA USS Blackheart, NCC-2327 Oakford, PA Susquehanna Station, NCC-SS013 Selinsgrove, PA USS Briza, NCC-26518 Cinaminson, NJ USS Thagard, NCC-652 Philadelphia, PA USS Challenger, NCC-1676 Ortley Beach, NJ USS Thor, NCC-2549 Parkton, MD USS Endurance, NCC-1862 Hatboro, PA USS Transcendance, NCC- Lindenwold, NJ USS Hazard, NCC-91813 Erie, PA USS Trinity, NCC-74653 Ocean City, MD USS Highlander, NCC- Frederick, MD USS Triton, NCC-71819 Glen Byrnie, MD USS IDIC NCC-71811 Silver Spring, MD USS Valiant, NCC-1709 Rochester. NY USS Justice, NCC-556 Florham Park, NJ USS Wolf, NCC-3921 Youngstown, OH USS Lexington, NCC-1703B West New York, NY

Shuttles of the Seventh Fleet Shuttle Adamant, NCC-652/02 Valley Forge, PA Shuttle Sidra, NCC-1703B/05 Yorktown Heights NJ Shuttle Dauntless, NCC-22121/09 Westminster, MD Shuttle Temperance, NCC-1703B/05 Brooklyn, NY Shuttle Halpat, NCC-1676 Harrisburg, PA Shuttle Thunderheart, NCC-1674101 East Brunswick, NJ Shuttle Shadowstar, NCC-2505103 Seaside Heights, NJ Shuttle Tolkien, NCC-2549/01 St. Mary's County, MD

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 24 Region Nine Region Coordinator VAdm Beate Gellings Oberdorfstr. 31 69124 Heidelberg Germany

Ships of the Ninth Fleet USS Europe, NCC-1792 Tübingen, Germany

Region Ten

Interim Region Coordinator FCapt Pam Bowyer 433 30 Avenue N.W. Calgary, AB T2M 2N5 E-mail: bowyer [emailprotected]

The Sci-Med Department of the Astra just completed its death-defying Toboggan Challenge, with home-made toboggans and intrepid souls competing for the coveted right to the Departmental Trophy. The Astra is also having a Casino Night on New Year's Eve, complete with Dabo tables and other strange things. The shuttle Chrysalis is eagerly looking forward to its commissioning, for which they have been waiting for three years. Meanwhile, they are busy with Open Houses in the mall to earn money for the SPCA and the Child Development Centre in Nanaimo. They are also giving a food hamper and Christmas gifts to a designated family through the Salvation Army program. The shuttle Celestia has just completed its fifth issue of the Arcana Celestia newsletter, and is looking forward to its Christmas and New Year's parties. The USS Majestic has completed its newsletter, the Subspace Static (issue #25), and has run its first, very successful Star Trek Jeopardy night. They are also looking forward to working on a regional fanzine. The USS Sol's CO, Commodore Anderson, returned from adult space camp, and gave a report to the ship on her experiences there. She recommends attendance by members of Region 10 and the rest of Starfleet. Ships of the Tenth Fleet

USS Astra, NCC-77210 Calgary, AB, Canada USS Sol, NCC-1733A Fairbanks, AK USS Majestic, NCC-61804 Victoria, BC, Canada

Shuttles of the Tenth Fleet

Shuttle Celestia, NCC-77210/02 Calgary, AB, Canada Shuttle Chrysalis, NCC-77210/01 Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Region Eleven

Region Coordinator VAdm Jennifer Yates PO Box 103 Harbord, NSW 2096 Australia

The December meeting took the form of our Annual Christmas Party held at the Chueng Long Chinese Restaurant. The financial report and a summary of the year's events were submitted to the members. Amounts to be donated to our charities were determined. Upcoming events were planned. Christmas messages from around the 'Fleet were read. The meeting was adjourned when a person in an Interplanetary Space Suit (red) beamed down into our midst to distribute some very nice and thoughtful gifts.

Ships of the Eleventh Fleet

USS N'Dele, NCC-1758 Hectorville, SA, Australia USS Southern Cross, NCC-1886 Harbord, NSW. Australia


Region Coordinator Comm Coyote PO Box 411793 Kansas City, MO 64141-1793

E-mail: [emailprotected]

Ships of the Twelfth Fleet

USS Alexandretta, NCC-71001 Kansas City, MO USS Marko Ramius, NCC-23103 Fayetteville, AR USS Ambassador, NCC-10512 Fayetteville, AR USS Matrix, NCC-2296 Marshall, AR USS Antonio M. Valsalva, NCC-4101 Chesterfield, MO USS Mirage, NCC-72213 Midwest City, OK USS Battlestar, NCC-23110 Fort Smith, AR USS Missouri, NCC-71825 Barnhart, MO USS Centurion, NCC-61806 Fayetteville, AR USS Morning Star, NCC-4123 Lawton, OK USS Cochrane, NCC-74525 Maumelle, AR USS Nightshade, NCC-10529 Lawton. OK USS Concord, NCC-19890 Oklahoma City, OK USS Nomad, NCC-1805 Leavenworth, KS USS Delta Clipper, NCC- Atchison, KS USS Oklahoma, NCC-23137 Oklahoma City, OK USS Discovery, NCC-1306 St. Louis, MO USS Pony Express, NCC-13994 St. Joseph, MO USS Empress, NCC-15025/0 Utica, MI USS Ranger, NCO-2206 Oklahoma City, OK USS Gemini Dream, NCC-64739 Mountain Home, AR USS Sally Ride, NCC-643A Cape Girardeau, MO USS Gryphon, NCC-74661 Dearborn, MI USS Shaun Christopher, NCC-1620 Prairie Village, KS USS Hexum, NCC-2199 Belleville, IL USS Star Empire, NCC-2116 The Village, OK USS Horizon, NCC-10008 Columbia, MO USS Stargazer, NCC-2893 Kansas City, MO USS Jeannette Maddox, NCC-14514 Wichita, KS USS Superior, NCC-2020 Marquette, MI USS Krazny Oklyabr, NCC-23102 Shawnee, KS USS Traveler, NCC-3145 Emporia, KS USS Lewis & Clark, NCC-658 Independence, MO USS Umiak, NCC-3142 St. Charles, MO USS Locksley, NCC-3192 Carbondale, IL USS Valkyrie, NCC-2597 Dearborn, MI USS Maelstrom, NCC-65000 Midwest City, OK USS Vanguard, NCC-2546 Fayetteville, AR

Shuttles of the Twelfth Fleet

Shuttle Archangel, NCC-2294/ Colcord, OK Shuttle Nimitz, NCC-4126/01 Oklahoma City, OK Shuttle Bradbury, NCC-2893/08 St. Charier, IL Shuttle Paraclete. NCC-6180/01 Siloam Springs, AR Shuttle Eclipse, NCC-2893/06 Topeka, KS Shuttle Silverfox, NCC-23102/02 Coffeyville, KS Shuttle Gorkon, NCC-1501-15 Olathe, KS Shuttle Sunflower, NCC-2893/07 Augusta, KS Shuttle Legend, NCC-2548-01 Walnut Grove, MO Shuttle Ursus, NCC-1308/09 Springfield, IL Shuttle Mystique, NCC-23103/03 Russellville, AR

Region Thirteen

Region Coordinator Capt Lynda Ciaschini 7050 Weston Road, Suite 301 Woodbridge, ON L4L 8G7 E-mail: [emailprotected]

Ships of the Thirteenth Fleet USS Toronto, NCC-2771 Willowdale, ON, Canada

STARFLEET COMMUNIQUE • FEBRUARY/MARCH ‘96 • PAGE 26 Region Fourteen Region Coordinator FCapt Dean Strickland 54 Coronation Street Corner Brook, NF A2H 6P1 E-mail: [emailprotected]

Region 14 continues to expand at a moderate, but steady pace. Inquiries continue to come into Starbase 14 and information is sent out via the Internet or Snail Mail. During the upcoming months, both the U.S.S. Avalon and the Shuttle Invincible will be taking advantage of the winter to hold sliding parties and the like. These have been very successful in past years. The Invincible is planning to take part in the 25th Annual Winter Carnival in her home town of Corner Brook. She is also looking into taking the crew on a skiing party at the local ski resort.

Ships of the Fourteenth Fleet USS Avalon. NCC-2550 St. John's, NF Shuttles of the Fourteenth Fleet Shuttle Invincible, NCC-2550/01 Corner Brook, NF

Region Fifteen Region Coordinator Captain Scott Stone 3 Park Street Dover, NH 03820 E-mail: [emailprotected]

Ships of the Fifteenth Fleet USS Atlantis, NCC-71803 South Easton, MA USS Longfellow, NCC-2358 Portland, ME USS Carson, NCC-592 Bridgeport, CT USS Nautilus, NCC-1718 Hartford, CN USS Christa McAuliffe, NCC-860 Boston, MA USS O’Bannon, NCC-53721 Sanford, ME USS Endeavor, NCC-1716 Ledyard, CT USS Ronald W. McNair, NCC-849D Boston, MA USS Equinox, NCC-584 Winslow, ME USS Sparrow Hawk, NCC-581 Montpelier, VT USS Hood, NCC-1707 Nashua, NH USS Starseeker, NCC-10527 Raynham, MA USS Intrepid II, NCC-72301 Springfield, MA USS The Sullivans, NCC-5370 Portsmouth, NH USS Konkordium, NCC-2106 New Haven, CT

Shuttles of the Fifteenth Fleet

Shuttle Alan B. Shepard. NCC- 1707/02 Manchester, NH

Region Sixteen

Region Coordinator Capt Adam Self PSC 78 Box 2771 APO, AP 96326-2771

Ships of the Sixteenth Fleet USS Henri Dunant, NCC-23912 Japan


Interim Region Coordinator Captain Keira Russell-Strong 888 West 180 South Orem, Utah 84058-6233 E-mail: [emailprotected]

Ships of the Seventeenth Fleet

USS Alioth, NCC-1828 Orem, UT USS Pioneer, NCC Denver, CO USS Fahrion, NCC-2510 Sandy, UT USS Romulus, NCC-2031 Layton, UT USS Nokib’ral, NCC-2211 Oren, UT USS Trinity Dawn, NCC-21168 Los Luna, NM

Shuttles of the Seventeenth Fleet

Shuttle Nexus, NCC-21186/1 Las Cruces, NM

Apollo 14 Lunar Excursion Module pilot. We are Commissioning on Saturday there was but one USS Mitchell very fortunate to have someone among our crew thing left to do on Sunday. No, not go home. Not -Continued from page 15 who is related to the retired Navy Captain. He yet anyway. We, first, had to have breakfast forwarded us a letter expressing his permission with Uncle Hershal (Hence our unofficial motto and honor to have a STARFLEET vessel named from ST:TWOK, "Can I cook or can't I?" We had just begun. We had also been approved for in his honor. Not to mention a keen photo of him love a good meal). That is we upheld a con the Accelerated Shuttle Launch Program and set from the Apollo 14 days in full gear, signed to the tradition of having breakfast at the local Cracker our site on a commissioning date. October 28, chapter. By this time, with myself and Keith Barrel restaurant where we treated ourselves to 1995 at Knight Star Con One, the 1995 Region editing, we had already published one issue of Uncle Hershal s Breakfast, (Eggs, country ham, One Conference to be held in Charlotte NC. our quarterly newsletter, now renamed, The Fra grits, toast, etc. You get the idea.) then headed We began a very active recruiting program Mauro Gazette in honor of the Apollo 14 lunar home. which included placing flyers in local landing site, the Fra Mauro Highlands. Some brief thanks need to go to the following: business's and putting ads in the Where & As the time to commissioning grew nearer Adm.Cindy Krell, Commodore Deb Leafy, Adm. When section of the local newspapers. we worked harder and harder to be ready. The Linda Neighbors, FCapt. Linda Reynolds, Capt. As I said the real journey had just begun. We hardest part of our journey, was the wait for the Wayne Cavalier, Capt. Richie Boyd, Brenda were on our way and now had to start making paperwork that would make us a full ship of the O'Brien of the USS Yeager, Capt. Jerry Conner same decisions on what we, as a chapter, line in STARFLEET. But, that wasn't quite all and the crew of the Yeager, Capt. Wendy wanted to accomplish. What role we wanted to we had to do. We still had a commissioning Nabors and our new friends aboard the USS play in the local community. A passive one party to plan. Hawkeye, FCapt. Willy Smith as well as others where we just held our meetings and functions too numerous to mention. These and others are and recruited when the opportunity presented the ones who helped us get realize our motto: "If itself. An active one where we not only held our BIRTH you can dream it, you can do it, "and we did! meetings and functions, but contributed something back to the community we live in. Well the obvious choice was as an active Now we can talk about coming down to the chapter, but what area organizations should we wire. The commissioning paperwork was contribute time and assistance to. For me as a received by Ops in time to get processed and Wedding Police Officer in this community I immediately stuffed into Cindy and Deb's "life" (Their Ops -Continued from page 14 proposed the Davidson County Domestic briefcase) and personally hand delivered to the Violence Center and Davidson County Region One Conference. Domestic Violence Shelter. I have seen and At 8:30 am on October 28th, 1995 the Shuttle members served as bridesmaids, ushers and personally transported families to one of our Regiment docked aboard the USS Edgar D. Thagard CO FCapt. Sashi German spoke as shelters with literally nothing but the cloths on Mitchell, a STARFLEET ship of the Nebula lector at the ceremony. their backs. Our group agreed that this is one of Class and the journey which had begun almost a The newlyweds were kind to each other in the fastest growing problems in our country, year before had ended. And a new journey was serving up the wedding cake. By sheer domestic abuse and violence. We have, with about to begin. coincidence (yeah, right) Avenger Officer the blessing and support of Brenda O'Brien as That evening the Commissioning festivities Stephanie Richards caught the bouquet of well as the Captain and crew of the USS commenced at the opening of the ships Lounge, flowers while Thagard Officer Tye Camphell Yeager, extended the BLUE RIBBON Pancho's Happy Bottom Ridin' Club Bar & Grill, caught the garter. Both are engaged to each CAMPAIGN Against Violence and Sexual on Deck Ten, Forward. We were toasted by other, so this won't be the last Avenger/Thagard Abuse to Davidson County. We are working Cindy Krell, Chief of Ops STARFLEET; Deb marital union. closely with Davidson County Domestic Leafy, Vice Chief of Ops STARFLEET & Vice An after-reception party was held by Violence Services (DCDVS) and their Regional Coordinator, Region 1; Jack Hopkins, Avenger's Stephen Bonnacore and Liz Wolfe Domestic Violence Shelter. In the works for the Inspector General STARFLEET; Vice FAdm (one of the beautiful bridesmaids) for future is a Dance to raise money for the Sue "Adm. Mom" Hampton (Ret.); as well as STARFLEET members at their nearby hotel DCDVS as well as other fundraising and Public numerous other members of Region 1. We room. Awareness Campaigns. dearly missed the presence of Admiral Linda The next day a mid-day brunch concluded the Now we had to decide on a name and class Neighbors who was home, under the weather, wedding weekend with everyone but the happy for our new chapter. Do we want to stay with the and could not attend the Conference. We also couple invited from the STARFLEET contingent, Regiment or go with a new name? I was missed having our new friends from the after all they were officially on their honeymoon decided that we would choose a new name to Hawkeye there as they had to depart earlier in time. suit our philosophy and Motto: "If you can the evening. The CMO and myself tended Bar A beautiful occasion and a special event for dream it, you can do it." After taking and proffered the Ships Official Drink, Fuzzy many officers in Region 7, best wishes to the nominations we voted to become the Nebula Navels, as well as sodas to our guests. new bride and groom from all your friends in class, USS Edgar D. Mitchell named for the After all of the excitement and fun of Region 7!


WANTED: Fiction, Poetry, and Artwork by STARFLEET members for a special issue Fanzine commemorating the 22nd anniversary of STARFLEET and 30th anniversary of Star Trek!

Since we came into office, your Communications Department has been kicking around the idea of producing another STARFLEET fanzine. (At least one has been attempted previously, albeit several years ago.) Fanzines are a great tradition among Star Trek enthusiasts and were one of the things that kept fandom building through the seventies when there wasn't much coming out of Paramount. What better way to celebrate 30 years of Star Trek than a special publication focusing on the kind of fan involvement that has made this phenomena as enduring as it has been. This is your opportunity to get some of those things published that we can't really print in the Now Available on Audio Cassette... Communiqué. We're looking for fictional stories involving your ship and crew (not to exceed 7000 The STARFLEET Member Handbook, as narrated by Captain Helen Pawlowski, Vice- words), plus all sorts of artwork and poetry relating to Commandant of STARFLEET Academy. Send $4.00 check or money order, made out to Trek. Also to be included is a comprehensive 22 STARFLEET, to STARFLEET HQ, Member Handbook Cassettes, PO Box 24052, year history of STARFLEET! Belleville, IL 62223-4052. This price covers the cassettes and the shipping. This will be a self-supporting project. In order to keep costs down, we will be soliciting ads for this one-shot publication. Chapters and Regions (or even individuals), make your mark by placing your 1995 STARFLEET Newsletter Contest message for the 30th anniversary in this unique publication. Space will be available from business card size on up. Send a SASE or E-mail Can you believe it? 1995 is over, and you know what that's time again to submit [emailprotected] for rates. your Regional and Chapter entries for the 1995 Newsletter of the Year Contest! So, get Our target date for publication is August, 1996 so together and spread out your issues for 1995 on the table... pick out your best issue and that we can debut it at the International Conference... send it to: STARFLEET Communications, 1995 Newsletter of the Year Contest, PO Box just one week before the 30th Anniversary of Star 836, St. Charles, MO 63302-0836, by April 1, 1996. Winners will be announced at the 1996 Trek's debut on NBC! In order to reach that goal, we International Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. must have your submissions by June 30, 1996. A portion of the funds generated by this project will Contest Guidelines: go to support the JASON Project in building towards the future by educating young people in Science and ? Only one issue may be submitted for each chapter's newsletter and each region's news- Exploration! letter. ? The issue must come from the 1995 publication year. For those submitting bi-monthly Please send all inquiries and/or submissions to issues, newsletters dated December 1995 / January 1996 will count as a 1995 issue. Newsletters dated December 1994 / January 1995 count as 1994 issues and are not Captain Kris Harah eligible. Attn: Fanzine ? Our apologies to the hardworking and creative staff (that's you Cap'n Mike!) on the USS 4935 Hwy A Umiak's Spock II News, but they are not eligible to participate. Warrenton, MO 63333 ? Submissions will not be returned unless accompanied by enough postage to cover the return. It is our suggestion that you send your submission in an envelope to protect it [emailprotected] during its journey. ? If you have an electronic newsletter that you'd like to submit, please send your best is- sue to: [emailprotected] or, print it off and mail it in - being sure to note that it is an electronic newsletter. ? Your best issue MUST be received by April 1, 1996 to be eligible. The Communiqué is not responsible for late, lost or misdirected mail.

Please make sure that you include the following with your newsletter submission: Newsletter Name, Chapter Name, Region, Editor, Frequency of Publication (Weekly, Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, Annually, Other [please explain]). Address for submissions/questions/subscriptions, Cost per year or cost per issue for the newsletter or, is the newsletter Included in chapter membership dues? If the subscription is included in chapter dues, is a subscription available to those who are not chapter members? If so, what is the cost? Do you "exchange" with other chapters?

We're looking forward to hearing from your chapter! Send your entry in today!


Here is the latest from OKC on the revised rates and dates for the 1996 IC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Armada ‘96 *Please Note: These Rates and Dates Supersede ALL OTHER RATES!*

Date August 30, August 31, and September 1996

Place Oklahoma City Marriott Hotel 3233 Northwest Expressway Oklahoma City, OK 73122 Tel. (405) 842-6633

Host Chapter USS Oklahoma

Host Committee Chair Marion Murphy Tompkins

Email [emailprotected] 1317 SW 83rd St Oklahoma City, OK 73159

The USS Oklahoma is proud to hose Armada 96, home of the 1996 STARFLEET International Conference. We are happy to offer you a deluxe hotel with fine accommodations. STARFLEET and Convention Programming, a STARFLEET Pool Party, co*cktail party. Art Show. Masquerade with Host Jamie “Myrh” Murray. Guest Artist-Keith Birdsong and Other guests TBA.

Rates and Packages The Rates and Dates are as Follows:

Package A — $50 (by April 15, 1996) will include Registration. T-Shirt and Dinner. The price increases to $55 if made by July 15, 1996. Cost will be %65 afterwards.

Package B — $40 — Registration & T-Shirt. These packages increase to $45 after April 15, 1996. The price increases to $55 if made after July 15, 1996.

Package C — $30 — Registration only by April 15, 1996. $35 by July 15, 1996. And $45 afterwards and at the door.

Children: Ages 5 and Under — Free Admission Ages 6—12 Half Price of Any Pkg. Hotel Fee: $79 per room, plus tax. No extra person fees. Art Show Panels - $50 each. Pre-Ordered Merchandise: PoloShirt w/Collar - $25, Sweatshirt - $25, Hats - $15

Contacts and Questions Please make all Checks and M.O. payable to: STARFLEET IC and mail them to: W. Michael Henigan, STARFLEET 96 IC 2221 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite D #531 Atlanta, GA 30309

Pre-Registration Questions:

Mike Henigan - Phone (404) 373-5429 Email: [emailprotected]

Watch for updates in upcoming Communiques


STARFLEET Paid Permit No (2024)


Do people in Starfleet get paid? ›

Unlike most military forces throughout history, Star Fleet pays quite well, considering that personnel receive food, shelter, clothing and medical care free of charge. Star Fleet, of course, is an elite force of explorers and scientists, and its members are paid accordingly.

How do people pay for things in Star Trek? ›

In the 25th-century timeline of Star Trek Online, a currency system called "Energy Credits" (EC) has achieved near-universal acceptance among galactic powers, including the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire.

How much does a Starfleet captain make? ›

View salary at Starfleet Command by Job Title BETA
Captain$100,152 - $135,348$115,085
Engineer$58,287 - $67,885$62,933
Tactical Officer$30,560 - $42,296$35,477

How does the Federation pay for things in Star Trek? ›

In “Star Trek,” members of the federation live in a post-money society: Everyone has the basics, nobody has to work, and ordering what you need is as easy as telling a replicator, “Tea.

Who is the highest rank in Starfleet? ›

For a Starship, it could be either a Captain or Commodore depending on the mission. For a Starbase, usually a Commodore or a two pip Admiral. The highest rank possible is Fleet Admiral.

Who is the youngest Starfleet graduate? ›

So Sara began Imperial Starfleet Academy at only the tender age of 3 (Making her both the youngest person to enter and graduate from Starfleet Academy). During her attendance period in Starfleet Academy Sara made many achievements in many fields of Science, Astrometrics, and Holo-Robotics.

Do Star Trek actors still get royalties? ›

As far as any potential royalties go, Shatner revealed on Twitter that “anything before 1973 (that includes Star Trek Original Series) doesn't pay a cent in Royalties.

Do they drink alcohol on Star Trek? ›

Throughout Star Trek, synthehol allows Starfleet officers to drink and even catch a buzz without becoming permanently impaired. The real question surrounding synthehol is whether Star Trek characters prefer the fake alcohol or if they covey the real thing.

How much did Leonard Nimoy get paid for Star Trek? ›

Leonard Nimoy's salary was $1,250 per episode. Adjusted for rampant 2020s inflation, that's almost $10,000/episode in today's dollars. He and William Shatner were the two highest-paid actors on the series; DeForest Kelley and James Doohan received $850 per episode, and everyone else was paid a bit less.

What is the lowest rank in Starfleet? ›

Ensigns are the lowest-ranking officers on Starfleet vessels. Cadets typically receive the rank of ensign immediately upon graduation from Starfleet Academy. While they technically have command authority, they're usually assigned menial tasks beneath the attention of the senior officers.

Who is the most decorated officer in Starfleet? ›

A text piece, titled "The War Record of Benjamin Sisko" reveals that Captain Sisko is the most decorated officer in Starfleet history, just barely topping the record set by Garth of Izar, a hero of the 23rd century Klingon Wars.

Who is the youngest Starfleet captain? ›

Kirk became Starfleet's youngest starship captain after receiving command of the USS Enterprise for a five-year mission, three years of which are depicted in the original Star Trek series.

Do Star Trek crew get paid? ›

Even beyond the lower decks, each ship in the fleet is staffed by hundreds, if not thousands, of crew members. Remember, they're not getting paid, and some of them are civilian members of Starfleet.

Is there money on Earth in Star Trek? ›

The idea that the Federation moved beyond currency was first hinted at in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home when the time-traveling Enterprise crew realizes that Earth still uses currency in the late 21st century as they encounter difficulties with exact change for transportation.

Is Star Trek Federation socialist? ›

[A]t least from a libertarian perspective, the otherwise appealing ideological vision of Star Trek is compromised by its commitment to socialism. The Federation isn't just socialist in the hyperbolic sense in which some conservatives like to denounce anyone to the left of them as socialist.

Is there money in Starfleet? ›

However, a form of currency has been widely used in the Star Trek Universe, including on Starfleet facilities: Latinum. And for all its rejection of currency, latinum continues to be used in 32nd century of Star Trek: Discovery.

Does Star Trek have universal basic income? ›

In the Star Trek universe, society has reached a post-scarcity stage where jobs are optional, and everyone has access to the basics of life. While it's a fictional example, it does provide a glimpse into what a UBI-supported society might look like.

Is Starfleet not a military? ›

Throughout the franchise, and even out of canon from the mouths of various writers and producers over the years, Starfleet claims time and time again that it is not military. Rather, they are an exploration and science organization.

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